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Friday, May 20, 2016

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The dangerous- Anonymity tips for drug dealer

The dangerous- Anonymity tips for drug dealer

Original thread in german language:

Video: Obscure tips from the Darknet (german language)

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 The dangerous anonymity tips the drug dealer 

 If somebody about anonymity in the net knows a lot, then could mean, nevertheless, certainly drug dealer in the Darknet - one. However, in her guide to the anonymity the operators of a marketplace put up risqué theories and forget a lot.
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 "Every man needs a code": This sentence from the US-crime film series The Wire comes from Omar, a thief who has missed to themselves own control corset. And of course he is right. Who wants to remain really anonymous on the Internet, that must use the right software, but also, otherwise, an amount richtigmachen, as well as our Privacy boxing test has pointed.

 In the Darknet is especially estimated anonymity. One of the topically biggest trading centers is the forum Alphabay which has struck only a short time ago by a security gap which made, actually, private news of users about a wrongly configured API also for attackers readable.

 In the forum of the web page there is a row of tips which should help to reach ' perfect anonymity '. We have had a look whether we can learn of it something. Since, indeed, the purchase of drugs, weapons and hacked accounts on the Internet is punishable undoubtedly, anonymous to remain, however, it is not. However, we had to ascertain: We would not want to protect our anonymity with these tips. There is a whole row of mistakes and misunderstandings.

 Numerous tips - however, a lot is absent 

 The tips on the side reach from suggestions for the used software about recommended behaviour patterns up to anonymous payment. Immediately at the beginning the drug dealers do a mistake: They do not make a distinction between security and anonymity. However, this difference is vital. Since to encode the hard disk of own calculator, protects, for example, not against an identification by authorities, while one is in the net, but can repulse only unauthorized data access. Strictly speaking the actors on such a platform, and also, otherwise, are in the net, as a rule not anonymously on the way, but pseudonym.

 Likewise at the beginning there lurks an other source of error. It is a matter of finding the right addresses of Darknet forums. Because the addresses of gate Hidden services are as a rule automatically generated Hash values, most people can stamp themselves them presumably badly. Hence, it would be light for attackers, unterpush over to users a phoney URL and them on a phoney marketplace to send. That's why there are own forums which provide the topical links to marketplaces again. To search the marketplace about Google and to copy the link then in the gate browser, is certainly no good idea. However, in addition nothing stands in the instructions. Presumably it would be also already too late at this point for it, however.

 Basically is recommended on Alphabay the use of Linux what is, in principle, no bad idea. However, to the users is got to believe that government authorities on Linux systems could install no state Trojans to supervise the calculators. This is a dangerous misunderstanding for somebody who depends for legitimate reasons on anonymity.

No supervision under Linux? indeed,

 It is right that the federal Trojan developed by the Federal Criminal Police Office runs at the moment only on Windows. However, this does not count to commercially available and widespread solutions like from Hacking team and Finfisher. Ausweislich of the official advertising material of the enterprises can be infected with it Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian, merely by iOS devices some solutions have problems. In the case Hacking-
Team software was only possible for an Exploit of the version topical at the time from iOS if users had carried out before by hand a Jailbreak.

In addition, in the tips one says: ' Microsoft cooperates with the US authorities '. Hence, all solutions of the enterprise are to be avoided. users should place basically only on Open Source solutions if they wanted to have ' perfect security '. Since only here users could really check whether also no Backdoors exist.

Open Source only Also does not provide for security

 this is a questionable thesis. Since only because the source code offenliegt, not all mistakes are found. Also the practise shows that critical software mistakes can stay undiscovered in Open Source to projects about many years away. If then still mistakes appear in central libraries like glibc or in the Android-media server, numerous systems are concerned by it. Also Heartbleed stayed undiscovered long. Several mistakes in Truecrypt stayed undiscovered even in a Code-Audit, even if these concerned, in the end, not the encoding, but the Windows drivers of the software.

In addition, most users might not be able to check the source code independently. The application of a distribution which allows Reproducible Builds would be sensible; the Debian project is far progressed here. Reproducible Builds offer a provable security which excludes manipulations by the translation of the source code in Binaries. However, about that the Alphabay doers lose no word.

The Darknet traders not enter no word to the examination of ISOs

 Also on the possibility to check downloaded ISO files by Hashwert or signature to exclude manipulations. If the signatures become independently and securely gehostet, they offer a good possibility to recognize manipulations like with the Linux Mint project.

Not quite persuasive is the recommendation to place on virtual machines. VMWare possibly awards from itself a constant Mac address. In addition, the contents of a virtual machine can be also compromised if the Hostsystem is infected with a state Trojan. Who lays value on anonymity, hence, should reach to a live system which is begun from write protected USB embroidery or better still from a DVD. With it it is made sure that really no log files result. If information must be stored, this can be finished on external, coded media.

Drug dealers recommend Qubes

 Is recommended by the platform, for safety reasons, the application of the Linux operating system Qubes OS. With his innovative beginning of the Kompartimentierung of single operating system areas Qubes can really contribute to the security. However, users must use Qubes also accordingly, so that it can look actual. This signifies: use of especially protection-worth contents only in a special virtual machine. If Qubes is simply used like a normal operating system, the effect is low for security and anonymity. Besides, problematically in Qubes it is that it runs only on rather special and very efficient hardware.

Hence, the application of live operating systems like Tails, Whonix or the Ubuntu Privacy Remix might be more practically oriented. The Linux operating system Subgraph could become an other interesting alternative, however, nowadays the software is still in the beta stage. Tails offers beside the built-in gate support originally Mac-Adress-Spoofing, veils not only the IP address, but also the network address of the hardware. With the unequivocal Mac address calculators on different networks can be pursued.

The Canadian Secret Service CESG should have used this technology supposedly to supervise the movements of suspects. However, the Spoofing of Mac addresses helps not only to hide from Secret Services. Many Hotspots which offer a free Internet access for a certain time store the Mac address of the used device for this purpose. The time begins with a new address from the front.

Also, no surprise, the application is recommended by encoding. Within the Linux partition users should pack ' all her unlawful junk into a Truecrypt container '. In addition either the no more cultivated encoding software Truecrypt or successor Veracrypt is recommended. In addition, the whole partition should be encoded with the help of the software provided in many distributions LUKS. To encode files on own calculator, is certainly a good idea - however, with the protection of own anonymity while surfing has to act rather a little.

Risks on the gate network

 Another risk which is not mentioned in the text at all is the use of the gate network itself. Marketplaces like Alphabay are accessible only about gate. In the past authorities and research institutes succeeded several times in establishing enough interchanges on the gate network to follow Traffic straight through the network. Of such type of the so-called Sibyl attacks the gate operator should be no more possible according to information because a new procedure is used to recognize new Tor-Nodes if these appear piled up.

However, a bigger danger might be the security of Hidden services itself, mostly unlawful services which are to be reached only directly from the gate network. The Hidden services are responsible according to information of a gate speaker for a relatively low percentage of the Traffics, about three percent. However, the attention for these services is relatively high. However, within the gate team only few developers work actively on the code for the services. Hence, there have appeared in the past over and over again partly the critical problems which are partially based on software mistakes and partially on a negligent configuration.

In the past the log files could be seen with wrong configured Apache servers by unjustified third because Tor-Nodes run as a Localhost and did not block thus the issue. Thus it was possible, search words with Darknet-searching machines to read or other actually private inquiries of the users to read.

Users have no right on private sphere, say US judge 

 In the USA, in addition, it is a standing administration of justice that gate users have ' no reasonable expectation of private sphere ' if they use gate. Since, according to a judge, the users would divide her public IP address voluntarily with the first interchange on the network. Because the operators of the interchanges are mostly anonymous, however, themselves and deliver no guarantees, no private sphere would be guaranteed.

Employees of the gate network call this argumentation of course absurd. The ' judge has not understood how the gate network functions ', said gate co-founder Roger Dingledine. The administration of justice has not only for US users relevance. The US-federal police FBI has found with the earlier inquiries with the underground marketplace Silkroad also information about user in other lands and has shared with the respective criminal proceedings authorities.

Where with the stuff?

 If one itself unlawful goods on the Internet ordered, stays open of course an important question: Where with the stuff? About that a hot discussion has broken out in the Alphabay forum. Some warn about Fake addresses (' About that you are caught ') which doers of the marketplace recommend to store parcels with the label 'return to sender' before own door if one has ordered in the drug drunkenness, nevertheless, by mistake to own address. The parcels could be stored quietly ' several weeks ' before own front door. Especially clear this thesis does not sound, in particular if dogs sensitive to smell are in the house.

Some traders smell in this point apparently a good business. With a phoney identity card offered by them one can wonderfully rent post office boxes, in Germany alternatively also a stack station. Asks itself only where the phoney identity card should be sent... however,

 There are also sensible tips in the document. Thus users of the gate browser Javascript should deactivate basically if it is not necessarily necessary for the execution of the visited side. A draft shows how one can identify gate user with activated Javascript by Fingerprinting or unambiguously recognize at least.

Anonymity is for everybody differently

 no generally valid prescription gives for anonymity. However, there are many good reasons for it. In many lands homosexual or followers of religious minorities are pursued and threatened with the death. Journalists and activists of human rights must often seize measures to avoid the access of repressive states and authorities. Also private actors become mightier, although they can exercise no state power against people.

For somebody who wants to protect himself in Azerbaijan from the access of the government of Ilham Alijew Gmail is no so bad choice as a mail provider presumably. Google has own team which looks after high risk user and to deal itself more resources, with security questions than many other suppliers. However, US-environmental activists should presumably look around after another supplier.

 Importantly it is to develop a security draft tailor-made for the individual needs. What exactly want I to protect myself, actually, from? Which means do I need? How can I follow, nevertheless, still my work?

"Perfect anonymity " is not to be reached with some easy measures. In any case, we would want to protect our anonymity in the case of emergency not with the tips of the marketplace operators.

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In darknet can buy weapons, drugs and credit card information.
But the anonymity of the tips criminals are not always helpful. Do not use identity that you use in the open Internet. Stay away from Windows, Linux can not be monitored. Use encryption whenever it is possible. Pack your illegal stuff in a virtual machine. Use Bitcoin Tumbler to erase the traces. Use a dead drop for physical objects that you order.Use a dead post box for physical objects that you order. Do not
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Read more security tips here: "The dangerous anonymity tips the drug dealer"

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