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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

[Vendor Review] (MEX) killingthegame @ NUCLEUS,AlphaBay,Crypto,Dream Market,& Middle Earth

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Vendor: killingthegame  Rating 4.7/5 , 50~70 trades

Ships from: Mexico
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Drugs: Black Tar Heroin 80% , Pure Cocain80% ,China White Heroin 90% Purity #4,Crystal Meth 90% Ice Glass
Brought to you by:  killingthegame
Killingthegame is a vendor from ABRAXAS,MiddleEarth,,Crypto Market,AlphaBay
 Opened his shop some months ago.He sells Top notch ,Uncut Black Tar Heroin 80% Pure, China White Heroin #4 90% + Purity, 90% Pure Crystal Meth, 80% Pure Cocaine & 92-95% Pure Cocaine. Strait of The Kilo Brick!

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*All shipping addresses must be in accordance with international postal standard. We recommend shipping to a real address with real receiver name. Not to an abandoned house or similar. The more shady the address the less likely your package will get through. We have very good stealth methods for packaging and will also do custom packaging as the client requests, as long as it is risk based option. If risk insured, we will only ship with our method unless mutually agreed prior to shipment. We also recommend you not open your package for a while upon receipt in case a raid does happen, you can say you do not know who sent it. Anybody can mail anything to anybody! :)

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Ship time is 2-4 Weeks via Mex-air post.

3. Custom Shipping Option: We offer to fulfill any custom request and have our own creative methods for more sophisticated stealth in packaging. The 500$ option covers the expense of our specific idea and concealment, however we can satisfy any request for items to be used and repackaged with your load. If you want us to buy a new BMW and put your gear in a custom stash hold, we can do it! For higher dollar items such as this we must agree on a contract; allotted time frame to complete the repackage, freight expense etc. The repackaging and product expense must be paid in advance for these types of larger contracts.

Other Custom Options Include:
Crypto Packaging Option: We can add specialized packaging system, that will be tamper evident. You will know if the package has been opened just by looking at it when it comes to the door. Custom tailored for each shipment.

Shipping Notes on Risk Based Products:

We have decided it best to limit the time $ is held in escrow due to increased risk exposure to BTC price fluctuations, and constant potential of market seizure. In light of this, all risk based shipping will be handled with this procedure. Insured rate can be done full escrow, but only multi-sig.

-For qualified/reputable buyers full escrow can be arranged for the first round, if it is necessary for trust in business.

-All listings are risk based i.e. Buyer assumes risk of loss in the event of customs seizure.

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We welcome escrow. In fact we encourage it. Until your package is in the air, feel free to keep your money in escrow.


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EL REY DEL TUNEL (La Fuga Del Chapo Guzman) - Omar Y Sus Amanecidos De La Sierra (2015)


Omar Y Sus Amanecidos De La Sierra - El Rey Del Tunel (Chapo Guzman) (2015)
CONTRATACIONES: (323) 482-3200

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[Vendor Review] (DE) Noumena @ NUCLEUS,AlphaBay,Dream Market,& Middle Earth

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Vendor: Noumena

Vendor: Noumena
Ships from: Germany
Ships to: Worldwide 
Drugs: DMT
Brought to you by:  Noumena
From: Germany
Noumena is a vendor from ABRAXAS,Alphabay,Dream Market,Nucleus & Middle Earth– Opened his shop some months ago.He sells Top notch  DMT

Abraxas: http://abraxasdegupusel.onion/vendor/Noumena
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Middle Earth: http://mango7u3rivtwxy7.onion/user/noumena/


DMT is my passion. Many hours went into creating methods and procedures that create the quality I am satisfied with.
Every badge I produce gets tested by myself. If the quality is no good I filter the product again, and again.

Want to buy in bulk? Contact me with a pgp encrypted message.

I require FE for all orders that are worth more than 100 USD.

You may also contact via email:
In case you have no anonymous email address:

Reduced prices if you order via email. Prices may vary depending on the fees of the market.

Abraxas: http://abraxasdegupusel.onion/vendor/Noumena
Alphabay: http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/search.php?s_userid=39862
Dream Market: http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/contactMember?member=Noumena
Nucleus: http://nucleuspf3izq7o6.onion/user/profile/b05f786575f5304f99842070dbc949a799a10665
Middle Earth: http://mango7u3rivtwxy7.onion/user/noumena/

Shipments will be done every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I ship from Germany, so check how long it takes to your place to make sure. EU deliveries usually take 3-7 days, North America around a week, other places depend heavily on infrastructure. Some deliveries may take up to 21 days.
If you order on the evening before a shipment day it is likely that you will miss it and get processed on the one after.
Please respect my weekends.

DMT is a rare drug which does not get found by scanners or dogs. Therefore the stealth will focus on making the package look as regular and boring as possible.
Still be aware that if customs decide to open the mail for whatever reason, the product is likely to be found. Anonymous PO boxes are the best way to go.
I will not provide tracking under any circumstances ever. If you want to buy large quantities I recommend splitting it up into multiple packages and sending them over a period of time rather than all at once.

I do 50% reships if you FE.
No reships or refunds for Australia, sorry.

If you are not satisfied with the service I provide contact me, please. We can try and figure something out together. Do not leave a bad review without trying to straighten things out.

Smoking DMT for the first time can be a challenge. There are a set of “rules” one should follow to get the best out of it.


The beautiful thing about DMT is that it is not possible to overdose on it. Don't be afraid of taking too much. As much as it takes to get you to the other side is just the right amount. When asked, most people will say 50mg is the correct amount. The truth is that it varies from person to person and that the technique is crucial. If you manage to vaporize 30mg correctly without burning anything you might have a stronger experience than with 50mg poorly handled DMT.
50mg is a good start nontheless and the amount I recommend to all beginners because it leaves room for mistakes. If it still does not work out, take the experience with you and don't give up. Be relaxed. It's a journey and you learn a lot on the way.


The setting is very important. Be in a calm place where you are certain that nothing unexpected will happen. People randomly coming in and things like that can ruin the trip. Make sure you feel absolutely safe. Anything that bothers you should be removed. Don't do it anywhere where you think you can feel scared once you are tripping.
It is important that it's very quiet. Only nice sounds are allowed (birds, waves etc). If you do it with someone else, they must shut the hell up! The only exception to that is when someone whispers into your ear to induce thoughts into your trip. That person should be experienced though.

For inspiration: On my first trip I was on a beach on sunset. My boyfriend at the time held the pipe for me and told me exactly what to do. I trusted him completely and after I was on the other side I felt the warmth of his presence.


The smoking techniques are very important as DMT needs to be evaporated. It shouldn't be burned because that would destroy the effects.

Vaporizer: If you use a vaporizer the temperature should be set to around 70°C or 158°F. Depending on your vaporizer the temperature setting may vary. If the DMT turns liquid, try raising the temperature by 10% until it works.

Pipes/Bongs: If you are going to torch it, the flame must not touch the crystals.
Have some sort of buffer between the flame and the crystals, like a layer of ashes. If the flame touches the crystals, a lot will get wasted
For the same reason the crystals should not touch the bottom of your pipe or bong.
There should be a layer of something like a bit of weed or some herbs or even some ashes to protect the crystals from heat.

Joints: Another method is smoking it with a joint. Yes, it does work if done correctly. Sprinkle the DMT crystals opposite to the end you will burn. The hot air will evaporate the Dream Sand as you inhale slowly and gradually.

Once the DMT evaporates you will feel a plastic-like burn in your throat. That is when you need to start inhaling deeply and slowly until you can't keep going anymore. Then you need to hold your breath for at least 10 seconds. Do it as long as possible.
If not, you will be wasting, a lot of DMT will be in the smoke you are exhaling
Take as many hits as you need to break through. Usually it's 2-3. Others manage to break through after the first toke.
If you do not break through all you will feel is a slight buzz and maybe some light hallucinations. If you fail you have to wait at least 1 hour before trying again, else you will just fail again as the body needs to recover.

Hope that helps.

PGP Key Noumena

Version: GnuPG v1


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Friday, September 11, 2015

Interpol Built Its Own Dark Net Drug Marketplace With Cops Posing As Dealers
Interpol has created a brand new division to teach police officers how the dark net works. Getty
About two dozen police officers from 14 countries gathered inside the cyber research lab in Interpol’s Singapore office one afternoon during this past July. They watched as Christopher Karam, a cyberthreat researcher, booted up a specially designed virtual drug market stocked with listings for cocaine, heroin and MDMA.
Karam asked for volunteers: So, who wants to be a seller, and who wants to be a buyer?
The meeting was the first of its kind.
In an effort to combat the increasingly complex web of crime that takes place on the so-called dark net, Interpol created a dark net drug simulator to train police on how to buy and sell drugs, find stolen information and use virtual cryptocurrencies.
“We realized it may not be a very good idea to do a training using PowerPoint [presentations] or other normal mechanisms” Madan Oberoi, the director of cyber innovation and outreach at Interpol and Karam's boss, said an in interview. "In order to train law enforcement personnel on dark net and virtual currencies...we started our own project." Over 25 police officers from 14 countries participated in the first dark net training session hosted by Interpol.  Interpol
Two years after the United States government shut down the dark net black market Silk Road, new marketplaces continue to thrive. One recent study, prepared by Carnegie Mellon researchers in August 2015, estimated that about 35 new sites have popped up in Silk Road’s wake -- and now traffic more than $100 million worth of drugs and illicit goods. "Even though anonymous online marketplaces are a relatively recent development in the overall online crime volumes have reached up to $650,000 daily (averaged over 30-day windows) and are generally stable around $300,000-$500,000 a day, far exceeding what had been previously reported," the authors noted.
So far, the government's strategy has appeared to look a lot like whack-a-mole: Close one site, another pops up. For instance, Operation Onymous launched an international crackdown on dark net sites in November 2014. The effort, which involved law enforcement cooperation from nearly a dozen countries, closed more than 400 domains. And yet -- many of the biggest sites are still functioning.  “What’s interesting is [these sites] have business continuity plans; they have a disaster recovery plans -- it’s like a normal firm that is operating,” Karam said.
Therefore, trying to close down each site “is not the solution,” Oberoi said.
Oberoi compares the dark net to bank robberies -- law enforcement shouldn’t focus on shutting down the banks. They key is to catch the criminals. “If we arrest the robbers, that will demolish the gang,” he said. “Otherwise what would happen is they will select another bank and launch another attack. The ultimate deterrence -- as in the physical world -- for cyber crimes also lies in successful prosecution. This is easily said but difficult to achieve.” Madan Oberoi leads the new effort to train police officers on dark net marketplaces. "There is numerous challenges and a lot of constraints," he says.  YouTube
For the last three years, Oberoi’s unit at Interpol has been studying dark net markets and cryptocurrencies. The training seminars were opened up to police around the world who wanted to learn more about how these marketplaces operate. The first seminar was held in Singapore in July. The next will take place in Brussels in November.
“One strong message we got from police was that most of them were not adequately equipped to handle threats from the dark net,” said Oberoi, who started his career as an police officer in Delhi, India, in the early 1990’s. "With that in mind, in 2014, we started a project to prepare a simulated environment to build a darknet within our own lab, as well as a cryptocurrency system  with no outside connections.”
The Interpol marketplace is the first of its kind. It was built using 25 Raspebrry Pis and code lifted from a free repository in GitHub. The system even has its own bitcoin-like cryptocurrency and the drug listings -- including pictures and prices -- were scraped from the Evolution marketplace, an illicit drug market that disappeared mysteriously last May.
For the nontechnical police officer, even getting access to dark net marketplaces can be difficult. This is no eBay, after all. To access dark net sites, one first must download Tor, a free software that lets users browse anonymously. Oberoi says that his team offered the training seminar to officers within Interpol’s 190 member countries. Not everyone was admitted -- over 100 applied, but only 25 made the cut. "We took people who had experience working in cybercrime units,” Oberoi said. “We wanted to build on those skills, rather than start from scratch, which would have taken unlimited resources."
The time is ripe for this sort of training. Earlier this summer, U.S. intelligence officials testified before Congress on the potential illicit uses of the dark net. Oberoi said that police are not just concerned about the drugs either. Kidnapping, he said, is a particular concern for many countries. He said that several police he's spoken with have said that ransoms are now being demanded in cryptocurrency -- in large part because they allow the kidnappers to remain anonymous.
“The ransom is being demanded in bitcoins,” Oberoi said. “The knowledge of cryptocurrency becomes very important when investigating these so-called physical domain crimes."
Still, it’s worth noting that even officers who know how these systems work might still be powerless against them. Sites on the dark net operate with a high level of sophistication, and, more importantly, anonymity. In other words, just because the officers are more familiar with the dark net because of training, it doesn't mean they'll necessarily be able to immediately shut down any illegal activity.
“The objective was to make them more aware of this and realize what are the activities happening in this domain,” said Oberoi. “The point is to create awareness, providing them tools to go into this domain safely, and carry out some basic investigations.”

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What Silk Road's Email Service Would Have Looked Like

Silk Road was only the beginning. As detailed in a Motherboard investigation, the owner of the now defunct drug marketplace, who went by the moniker Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR), and two of his secret employees, Variety Jones and Smed, were working to expand the business into an ecosystem of different services and products.
One of those was an anonymous Bitcoin exchange, another was apparently a secure phone service. But the project that seems to have gotten further than any other is an encrypted email service, referred to as "CryptoMail" or "Silk Mail."
In an email account belonging to Variety Jones, DPR's so-called “mentor,” is a document laying out the plans for such a service, dated June 29, 2012. Other messages discuss the project's development and goals.
“I want to offer this to the public as a loss leader and a way to get them into the eco system,” Variety Jones wrote to DPR, according to a message found in his email account.
Although the text makes no explicit mention of Silk Road, conversations between Variety Jones and DPR contained in the email account refer to “Silk Mail.” The executive summary of the document says that “The public name will be more carefully chosen and this document will be updated as more technologies are added to the system.”
The summary adds that “CryptoMail is a communication platform that emphasizes security and privacy.”
This is evident from the design of the product. The main server would run as a Tor hidden service, “located in an undisclosed bulletproof hosting facility.” Customers could either connect through a proxy site, or via Tor.
Logging of customer data would also be kept to a minimum, and “Web traffic logging will either be turned off completely or will never include any user-specific data, including IP addresses and usernames,” the document reads.

The idea was to allow people with any level of security awareness to join

CryptoMail accounts would come in different “levels," with each providing additional services. At bottom, all accounts allow the automatic encryption of incoming mail, password resets are sent in an encrypted message, shared calendaring is available, and customers can also make use of Yubikeys, which are two-factor authentication tools.
There are some limitations, however, such as a 100MB storage limit, and no more than 10 messages can be sent per day, for the free accounts. A note next to this feature reads “Too strict?”
Higher tiers allow users to utilize an email client to access their account, and come with larger storage limits.
The idea, judging by the document, was to allow people with any level of security awareness to join, “although strong encouragement and admonishment will be made regarding security and privacy best practices.” One diagram includes a “scoring system,” with higher points being awarded for better security decisions.
The operators also wanted to monetize some of this assistance, by having customers pay for help on generating PGP encryption keys.
It's important to note that the document is riddled with “TO DO” notes, meaning that the project was most definitely a work in progress at the time. The section titled “Mobile Phones” is blank.
The creators were also keen to point out advantages they had over their competitors, such as Tor Mail, which was later seized in 2013.
(Other services called CryptoMail have been developed in the past, but appear to be unrelated to this project.)
Evidently, Silk Mail never came to fruition. Ross Ulbricht, the convicted creator of the Silk Road was arrested in October 2013, and no encrypted email service was launched. The current whereabouts of Variety Jones, who really pushed for this brand expansion, are unclear.

Friday, September 04, 2015

An Interview with Lyn Ulbricht, Mother of "Silk Road" Founder Ross Ulbricht

Lyn Ulbricht has temporarily relocated from Austin, Texas, to be near her son, Ross Ulbricht, who is currently being held in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. He was given two life sentences for nonviolent charges in federal district court last May for his alleged role in running the Silk Road website under the alias Dread Pirate Roberts. In October 2013, he was arrested by federal agents at the Glen Park Branch Library in San Francisco, where he had been living for a year. Ulbricht’s lawyer plans to file an appeal of trial and pretrial issues, along with what many consider to be a harsh sentence, in mid-December 2015. In the meantime, Ulbricht’s intrepid mother is making media appearances, fundraising, and educating the public about the issues in her son’s case. She also appears in the documentary Deep Web, which explores the development of the anonymous web and how advocates for encrypted web sites are fighting government control of digital rights. Deep Web, directed by Alex Winter (of the Bill & Ted movies) premieres on iTunes and VOD on September 1st.
TBI: The Silk Road website became the largest drug-trafficking portal on the web, but you have said that Ross’s trial was about much more than the drug war.
LU: I have said many times that I am not here to defend Silk Road or drug use. I know that Ross did not create the site as a drug site. He is a free-market libertarian who believes people have a right to do with their bodies what they want. I know his intentions. We often discussed all these things before he was arrested. He created a video game to give players the experience of a free market. He gave lectures on it at University of Texas. He considered doing a YouTube course on it. That is his passion. Ross got really interested when Ron Paul ran for president. Silk Road has unsavory aspects, but the full picture of what it is was not presented to the jury. Even more dangerous than a website that people use to sell and buy drugs are certain precedents set at the trial that I find very concerning. While we are all distracted, the government is encroaching on our protections and freedoms.
TBI: How is the government encroaching?
LU: Even though other courts have rejected this, the judge accepted digital evidence of Ross’s involvement in the Silk Road website as real evidence. You really don’t know who is the source of the evidence because digital material is so easy to fabricate. A mortgage company won’t take a screenshot as a bank statement, for instance. But digital evidence was accepted as more than 90% of the government’s evidence, and our lawyer, Josh Dratel, objected all the way through, basing it on other court decisions. So there is a precedent from this trial now that the government can use easily Photoshopped digital evidence to put someone in prison for life. It doesn’t take imagination to see that if you want to get somebody, it wouldn’t be that hard using digital material. The government also took Ross’s laptop with only a general warrant, which is a huge question going forward about whether that was legally done. If allowed to stand, this precedent weakens our Fourth Amendment protections. There is also the issue of how they found the Silk Road server—whether they hacked in without a warrant. This was never brought before an examining court.
TBI: You have called his life sentence draconian.
LU: I understand you have to protect society from violent people. But life without parole for all non-violent charges, for a non-violent person, with no priors? Ross was 26 when he created this thing. Aging changes people. It’s not like he is going to come out in 20 years, at age 51, and build another Silk Road. He’s a pretty quick learner, and he wouldn’t do it again. He would find another way, a legal way, to communicate free markets. Giving him life was making him the poster boy for the drug war. He is paying the price for all of the drug lords that they haven’t arrested. To me that isn’t what our justice system is about. You should be sentenced as an individual. You shouldn’t be shouldering a burden for other people. But the drug war itself is not about drugs; it is about government expansion “for our safety” or whatever. It’s been going on for 40 years, and it doesn’t stop anyone from doing drugs. Our prisons are bursting at the seams with nonviolent people like Ross because of the drug war, and lives are being destroyed.
TBI: What do you hope the appeal will accomplish?
LU: Many things are possible because they are appealing pretrial issues, the trial itself, and the sentencing. The legal team asked for an extension because of extensive corruption of the government investigators, who may have tainted the evidence. These agents had the administrative ability to do anything they wanted to on the Silk Road site while they were investigating. They could commandeer accounts, including Dread Pirate Roberts’s. They could change PIN numbers and access bank accounts, so there is no way of knowing if their evidence was legitimate. If they find that the general warrant was deficient for seizing his laptop, that will impact whether the laptop could be admissible, and we may have a retrial. The idea of going back to trial is so overwhelming, I can’t think about it.
TBI: OK, we can take a step back. What was Ross like as a kid?
LU: He was a great kid, a wonderful person to raise—sweet, peaceful, easygoing, compassionate. I know I am his mother, but there are 100 letters by people who know him personally on our site,, that were submitted to the judge asking her to give him the minimum sentence. Then I read articles calling him a savage king pin, and it is upsetting. He is the opposite of that.
TBI: You’ve become more than just the defendant’s mom. You’re like his spokeswoman and chief activist.
LU: I joke that finally my big mouth is paying off. I have a journalism and freelance-writing background, and now I am doing more writing and public appearances. I was just speaking about Ross at a festival of libertarians called the Porcupine Freedom Festival, which is part of the Free State Project, where they encourage people to move to New Hampshire. I’ve been on Reason magazine’s show; I went on Huff Post and Fox; and I’ve been on panels with Alex Winter, whose film Deep Web was at SXSW. I’ll be going to Prague this fall to speak at a conference and then to different cities in Poland. Polish people know what tyranny is! I’m hoping people will see how important this case is and that it is beyond one man and one website.

'I Am Lyn Ulbricht': A Mother ‘Doubles Down’ for Her Son Against the ‘Failed Drug War’

'I Am Lyn Ulbricht': A Mother ‘Doubles Down’ for Her Son Against the ‘Failed Drug War’

The hosts of the Austin-based Crypto Show, which covers libertarianism and Bitcoin topics, have started a fundraiser for the Ulbricht family. The event will run from June 24 to August 16, and the funds will be raised to help pay for Ross Ulbricht’s federal appeal.
Show host Danny Neanderthal told CoinTelegraph how he feels about Lyn Ulbricht, Ross’ mother. He said:
"We were exposed to human side of this and seen the leviathan the Ulbrichts are up against. Had we not met her, we would never have been so involved. None of us on the Crypto Show have ever used the Silk Road website. My opinion is that the greatest thing the Silk Road ever produced is the activist Lyn Ulbricht. I don't use the phrase 'I am Dread Pirate Roberts.' To us at the Crypto Show, it's 'I am Lyn Ulbricht.'"

Lyn has become a full-time activist since her son was arrested and has been working around the clock to help Ross, by running fundraisers and speaking at events such as Porcfest this week and at Bitcoin conferences.
The hosts of the Crypto Show met her at the 2014 Texas Bitcoin Conference. This will be the second fundraiser they've hosted for the Free Ross campaign. They say that not only has this created "strong community solidarity" for Ross, but also a mother turned activist.
Lyn Ulbricht
To make the charity event “personal for the crypto crowd,” the radio hosts are selling items donated from the crypto community. These include a Ghost Gunner donated by Cody Wilson, and a one-week stay in Costa Rica at Lyn Ulbricht’s bamboo beach home.
Ross was convicted in February on charges that include drug trafficking, conspiracy, hacking and money laundering. On May 29, Ross was sentenced to two life terms in prison for his participation in creating the Silk Road marketplace. Immediately following the verdict, Ross’s lawyers told press the family would file for appeal. Lyn said:
“We believe the trial was unfair and the sentencing horribly unjust. At trial, defense witnesses were blocked, cross examination curtailed, and important evidence precluded — including the fact that corrupt agents were stealing from, and had wide access to, Silk Road and its administration. The sentence, for all nonviolent charges, was harsher than that often given to murderers, rapists, kidnappers and child pornographers. It was a clear message that the government intends to double down on its failed drug war and make Ross an example and a warning. The appeal will address this sentence, as well as the verdict from trial, and hopefully reverse the dangerous precedents the trial set.”
In comparison, former DEA agent for the Silk Road case, Shaun Bridges, was found guilty of stealing bitcoins totalling US$800,000. Prosecutors are requesting an August 31 plea date and a light sentence for the agent. A second agent, Carl Force, has also plead guilty to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoins during the investigation, among several other related charges.
Joshua Dratel, attorney for Ross, said that the agent’s conviction "undermines completely the integrity of the government's entire investigation." The crypto community voiced their opinions of the trial and its outcome following the sentence. Many believe the trial was unjust and the verdict was too harsh. Julia Tourianski of Brave the World told CoinTelegraph:
"This is not the first time we have seen the assumed power structures cripple a peaceful individual to his knees, an individual forced to plead with the same entity that severed him from a society he wished to, and did improve. And it will not be the last."
Lyn describes the community outreach towards Ross as “humbling.” She's been in contact with the hosts of the fundraiser throughout and she offered to donate her own gift. She said:
“We and Ross are deeply grateful for all the support we have received and this fundraiser is a tremendous boost. I told Ross about it this week, and he was so encouraged to know people are out there backing him, that he is not alone. To have the support of the community, and to have such great people walking beside us through this fundraiser not only helps fund the appeal but gives us the strength to keep on.
We can't fund the appeal on our own. We are one small family and it is extremely expensive to fight the federal government! But together we can, and we are very thankful for the support.”
Items offered through the fundraiser will fund directly to, as will any direct Bitcoin donations. Several members of the crypto community have donated items in order to raise money to help the family pay for the costs of the appeal. Donators include:
Other contributors include Davi Barker from Bitcoin Not Bombs, who will give green camel Silk Road pins to random donors. Singer and songwriter Tatiana Moroz of CryptoMediaHub will donate CDs. The Crypto Show will show a movie screening at their founding location Brave New Books and sell Dread Pirate Roberts T-shirts. Director Alex Winter will provide his documentary the “Deep Web” to the hosts for this event.
Editor’s note: StartJOIN was originally scheduled to host the fundraiser, but they announced today that they will not be able to take part. While the Crypto Show team explores other hosting options for the campaign, the fundraiser will continue, and all funds will go directly to In the meantime, anyone interested in donating can send requests to 

  •   Welcome to the Fundraiser page for Ross Ulbricht’s appeal fund.  The very generous people from the Bitcoin and Liberty Community have stepped up once again to support the Ulbricht family. These awesome people below have offered up some of the coolest products and services imaginable, to make sure this campaign is a success.  We sought out these people for their defiant nature in the face of authority, because we knew what they had to offer to this campaign  was not just a donation but a statement to the tyrannical sentence received by Ross.  All funds will go directly to
  • BITCOIN DONATIONS  1Ross5Np5doy4ajF9iGXzgKaC2Q3Pwwxv
Cody Wilson: of Defense Distributed. The Ghost Gunner signed by Cody  Sold for $2000
Roger Ver: of  $1000 worth of  advertising on 5 units $500 ea
Kirk & Lyn Ulbricht: Costa Rica Bamboo Beach House, available now thru Nov 15.
One unit starting bid per house: $785 per week.
House #1:
House #2
The Crypto Show: 3 months of  Advertising , banner ads and 60 sec audio commercial to run on podcast editions including audio production.  2 units $ 500 ea
Jeff Berwick:  a pair of tickets to Anarchapulco 2016 in beautiful Acapulco Mexico late February 2016  1 unit $290
Luke Rudkowski:  tuition to Change Media University  2 units $150 ea
Julia Tourianski:  Bitcoin Ghost Outside of The Machine Tshirts   3 units $40 ea shipping included
Jamie Redman:  5 to 8 hrs of  Graphic Design work for your project.  1 unit $250
My Magic Mud:  all natural teeth whitening powder.  2 units $25 ea
Brave New Books:  I Am Dread Pirate Roberts Tshirts.  1 units  $25 ea
Brave New Books: $50 gift card for Brave New Books  1 unit  $50
Tatiana Moroz:  2 cds her first 2 albums, Tatiana and Love and Liberty.(signed copies)  2 units $40 ea set
Tatiana Moroz:  1 free mp3 down load of her new song  The Silk Road to everyone that donates to this campaign.
Kirk & Lyn Ulbricht:  Free Ross Tshirts and tote bags $30
Alex Winter:  Director of The Deep Web movie ( Sold out) signed BluRay copy of Deep Web the movie  1 unit $100
Joby Weeks: will donate $500 to for everyone that signs up for solar panels at elevate solar. inquire by leaving a message on this site.
Michael Cargill: at Central Texas Gun Works  Stun Guns sold out  $35 ea
Davi Barker:  Silk Road Green Camel Pin  7 units $10 ea
Adam Kokesh:  Free copy of the book FREEDOM and Sticker to all who donate. You can also bid on the upcoming Workshop staring bid $2500 Mar. 7th thru April 30 2016
Drew Phillips: from Bitcoin Not Bombs  any  Tshirt on the site 1 units $25 ea shipping is included.
Kristov Atlas: will give a complementary copy of his Ebook  Anonymous-Bitcoin to anyone who donates $10 or more. This book normally sells for $19.99
Dark Net Shoes: Black Silk Road Shoes with Green Camel  5 pairs size 9,10,11.5  $75 ea must see very cool.
 Tragedy and Hope dot com:  Blu-Ray DVDs of John Taylor Gatto  “The Ultimate History Lesson”  10 available at $50 ea
Bloctopus: Has donated Bitcoin themed Tshirts 3 units $20 ea check them out at
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