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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Scam Alert: Dont spend your money @ Silkroad Pharmacy

Silkroad Pharmacy is a Scammer site which is available without using TOR browser. It has nothing to do with the good old Silk Road. They just use the good name to entice potential buyers.
The only payment methods are Western Union,Money Gram and Bitcoin. I found several comments from buyers who told that they never get their for what they have paid for. So don´t be a Douchebag and waste your money.

Reviews about SilkRoad Pharmacy:

Main site of SilkRoad Pharmacy (Just watch - Do not order there - It´s just a SCAMMER site):

AGORA Marketplace Invite url (register here, works only with TOR Browser):

Download TOR browser here:

Tutorial: How To Buy From Agora Marketplace?


This is the best & easiest way to buy Bitcoins:

 To visit use this adress:


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