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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves Defend the Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht

Bill & Ted & the ‘Deep Web’: Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves Defend the Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht


                        Deep Web - The Movie
 Deep Web - Full Movie (2015)

More Info:

The documentary Deep Web, which premiered at SXSW, dives into the complicated story of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, aka the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Call it Bill & Ted’s Hacktivist Expedition. The documentary Deep Web, a new film about the nefarious Bitcoin-fueled Darknet and its cyberhacker origins, is directed by Alex Winter and features the distinct vocal talents of narrator (and fellow Wyld Stallyn) Keanu Reeves. The Bill & Ted reunion also happens to be the most prominent defense to date of convicted Silk Road black marketeer Ross Ulbricht—aka the Dread Pirate Roberts—who supporters say was sent by the feds on a bogus journey of 30 years to life.
Back in the ’90s, Winter was best known as the curly-coiffed blond half of the slacker duo that tripped through history and gave Death a wedgie in service of a righteous utopian future. He later added director to his resume with the 2012 documentary Downloaded about the culture of digital media sharing fostered by Napster.
Deep Web, which premiered last week at SXSW, ventures beyond file-sharing and into the shadowy corners of the Internet where hackers, journalists, governments, activists, dissidents, and criminals trade anonymously in ideas and information—and also child porn, guns, drugs, and assassinations for hire—leaving behind untraceable trails of ones and zeros.
The film also pays tribute to the freethinkers, anarcho-capitalists, and cyberpunks who colonized and populated these unindexed reaches of the hidden Internet. But opening the digital floodgates to progressive off-the-grid cyber exchange also means it’s impossible to keep out certain evils.
“This was the trial that didn’t happen, because it was only the prosecution’s narrative that we heard,” Ulbricht’s father says.
Within the Deep Web lies the TOR-enabled Darknet, where paradoxical entities like the libertarian-minded black market the Silk Road represented the net’s new radical potential while collecting a reported 960,000 users and $1.2 billion in illegal drug sales. As Carnegie Mellon’s Nicolas Christin observes in the film, “It’s not so much about selling drugs as it is to make a political statement of sorts: ‘This shouldn’t be prohibited, we are free to do what we want, and we have the technology to do it. So there.’”
Some, like the Silk Road admin known as the Dread Pirate Roberts, claim to have spun the anonymous drug marketplace as a crime reduction tool that took narcotics transactions off the street and curbed violence more effectively than America’s actual War On Drugs. In Deep Web, an expert argues that Silk Road’s eBay-esque ratings system and marketplace philosophies even made drug sellers more accountable and product more pure, while one anonymous dealer tells the camera that he drew the line at selling heroin to customers he didn’t think could handle it.
That progressive spin was moot when Senator Charles Schumer blew the lid off the Silk Road in 2011, calling on the government to shut down the online bazaar fueling millions annually in sales of hard narcotics, including drugs mailed to teenage buyers through the post.
“It's a certifiable one-stop shop for illegal drugs that represents the most brazen attempt to peddle drugs online that we have ever seen,” blasted Schumer. “It's more brazen than anything else by light-years.”
“It’s about standing up for our rights as human beings and refusing to submit when we’ve done no wrong,” wrote the Dread Pirate Roberts on August 9, 2013. Less than two months later, 29-year-old Ross Ulbricht was arrested in the San Francisco Public Library in an elaborate FBI sting operation and charged with seven counts including money laundering, computer hacking, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics.
His seized laptop contained $28.5 million in Bitcoins and documents and chat logs that prosecutors said proved he was actively running the Silk Road. Ulbricht was indicted but never charged for six alleged contract murders for which no bodies could be found. A separate federal charge alleges that as Dread Pirate Roberts, Ulbricht paid $80,000 for a hit on an ex-admin who stole Bitcoins.
Deep Web opens with a Daily Beast headline that embodies the historic precedents at stake in the Ulbricht case: “The Most Important Trial In America.”
In court, Ulbricht’s lawyers admitted he had founded the Silk Road but insisted he then transferred its control to other admins. Those adoptive owners then set Ulbricht up to take the fall as Dread Pirate Roberts, a handle two to three other people might have shared, they argued.
But prosecutors and Judge Katherine Forrest ran a trial so one-sided, Ulbricht’s family and supporters say in Deep Web, that his defense team was denied the opportunity to try to prove other persons were responsible for Dread Pirate Roberts’s more heinous violations, including the alleged ordering of a hit on a dealer who ripped off Bitcoins. His fate was decided by a jury in under four hours.
Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. (Courtesy of Epix)
Deep Web speaks extensively with Ulbricht’s parents, Kirk and Lyn Ulbricht, and friends who frame the trial’s outcome as a major miscarriage of justice. It also highlights still-unanswered questions surrounding just how the feds found their way to Ulbricht, and whether or not they illegally hacked into the Silk Road’s servers to find its IP address, the digital equivalent of a warrantless search and seizure.
“This was the trial that didn’t happen, because it was only the prosecution’s narrative that we heard,” Ulbricht’s father says. Deep Web all but stands in Ulbricht’s corner and suggests justice was trampled when the U.S. government went after the man they say was Silk Road’s No. 1 drug kingpin.
The film weaves in home videos that humanize the former Eagle Scout as he goofs around in a tutu and talks in a soft suburban Texas drawl. Ulbricht’s longtime bestie René Pinnell tells director Winter he hears once a month from him via email in prison, where Ulbricht teaches yoga to inmates. Interviews with Ulbricht’s supporters paint the picture of a gentle soul who literally could not hurt a fly desperately clinging to optimism from the clink.
More support comes from an unlikely source: Wired writer Andy Greenberg, a journalist who covered the Silk Road story and scored a rare early email interview with the Dread Pirate Roberts. He says he suspects there was more than one Dread Pirate Robert. Greenberg’s book This Machine Kills Secrets served as material for the docu, and he nabbed a co-producer credit on the film.
“The U.S. law enforcement hacked a foreign server, I believe, they didn’t have a warrant, and they completely got away with it,” says Greenberg, “and nobody even gets to ask any questions about it.”
It’s no coincidence that Neo himself is along to guide viewers through the vast and menacing matrix of the “hidden Internet.” What most analog plebes know of the Deep Web comes from the panicked mainstream news media, or that Season 2 hacker subplot on House of Cards. Reeves’s dulcet voice, perhaps the most trusted voice in cyber-storytelling for an entire generation, is here to navigate the uninitiated safely down the Darknet rabbit hole.
Reuniting 22 years after their last outing, Winter and Reeves have stepped up to give Ulbricht and the Deep Webbers of the world the mainstream defense their cause hasn’t yet gotten. Whether the pro-Ulbricht rally will help his request for a retrial remains to be seen. After all, Deep Web airs on May 31—two weeks after Ulbricht is set to receive his sentence.


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                            Deep Web - The Movie

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    ABOUT the movie:
    Deep Web gives the inside story of one of the the most important and riveting digital crime sagas of the century -- the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the convicted 30-year-old entrepreneur accused to be 'Dread Pirate Roberts,' creator and operator of online black market Silk Road. The film explores how the brightest minds and thought leaders behind the Deep Web are now caught in the crosshairs of the battle for control of a future inextricably linked to technology, with our digital rights hanging in the balance.
    In addition to being the only film with exclusive access to the Ulbricht family, Deep Web features the core architects of the Deep Web; anarchistic cryptographers who developed the Deep Web’s tools for the military in the early 1990s; the dissident journalists and whistleblowers who immediately sought refuge in this seemingly secure environment; and the figures behind the rise of Silk Road, which combined the security of the Deep Web with the anonymity of cryptocurrency.


     From Till Krause  Illustrations: Barbara Yelin 
     Original story in german languge here:

    At the end of May the son of Lyn Ulbricht was condemned in the USA to lifelong custody: Ross Ulbricht should have pursued the digital drug trafficking Silk Road. To understand the reproaches, Lyn Ulbricht deeply dug into the Internet - and landed in a morass from lies and fake murders.

    On the 1st October, 2013 at 15.15 o'clock has
    Ross Ulbricht, a lanky 29-year-old with brown locks, in one
    Library in San Francisco taken a seat, his laptop opened
    and to itself on the free Internet dialed in, as behind him a man and
    a woman get in quarrel. The woman walk: » I have enough of you! «
    When Ulbricht turns round, somebody tears from him the laptop from the hand.
    Before he can defend himself, six visitors of the library press him
    against a window and tie up him with handcuffs.
    The Män-ner her official identity cards show library supervision: FBI. » This
    if is an arrest, go please back to your work. «

    Few hours later the phone rings with Lyn Ulbricht. A reporter wants to know what she says to the arrest of her son: of the head in request for many years of the on-line drug trafficking Silk Road which became with the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin the multimillionnaire and should have ordered about coded chats several murders.

    Lyn Ulbricht, more than sixty years old, no Smartphone, no Facebook profile, does not understand from what this journalist talks. She hears only: Arrest, drugs, millionnaire and murder. Four concepts which have to do in her opinion nothing with her Ross can. She explains that her son is a very idealistic young man who has ever harmed nobody a little bit.

    The mother of Ross Ulbricht is an elegant woman with big eyes and quiet voice. She has studied journalism, but this is long. Their money earns them as a render of holiday apartments in Costa Rica which she has renovated together with her man. From computers she understands just so much that she can look on the Internet for Bitcoin, Darknet and Silk Road. What she reads, the language nails up to her.

    Silk Road was the most successful on-line marketplace for drugs. Traders offered there from heroin to LSD everything, customers could value the quality of the product like with Amazon. The side made sure that everybody remained anonymous there. To reach it was only about the Internet browser a gate which encodes the data parcels so reliably that he counts among hackers as nearly uncrackable. Silk Road went in the beginning of 2011 on-line, since then about 90,000 users were active there. More than a billion euros was moved all together, always in the digital currency Bitcoin which makes easier anonymous action. For dealers Silk Road was a dream: They could send the product by post to her customers, airtight packed, so that the drugs would be sniffed with routine controls not without other by dogs. The drugs often landed in the post office boxes which were rented under wrong name. Buyers and salesclerks knew nothing of each other, except her user's names. Per sales Silk Road took a commission from up to ten percent.

    The state power was not only powerless for a long time, but also absolutely ignorant. The inhabitant of New York senator Chuck Schumer was one of the first, in summer, 2011, around half a year after the side had on-line gone which demanded closing Silk Road. He had got to know from the existence of the network from the media. However, how should one shut up the side if nobody knows who lies behind? It was the beginning of one of the most extensive inquiries which there had ever been on the Internet. FBI, drug search and home protection ministry attached her best people on Silk Road. The study group got the code name "Marco Polo".

    Purpose of her inquiries: a user called "Dread Pirate Roberts", the boss of the Silk Road. It is more than only one Computer-Nerd with an unlawful commercial idea. Over and over again he has published the essays in which it is about free market economy in her most radical form: around a market which is defeated by no control. Who wants to buy drugs, that should just act, everybody can decide itself what he does with his body. The US government which has closed for many years under the catchword » Are on drugs « small dealer in the prison has itself there kindly rauszuhalten.

    Lyn Ulbricht reads all that and thinks: And this Dread Pirate Roberts should be my son Ross? The physicist with master end of an élite university with gifted scholarship, the best marks, boy scout's education and passion for surfing and African drums? In her head circle the concepts Kryptowährung, gate chats, coded servers. Lyn Ulbricht feels as if her son had been arrested in a foreign land whose language she does not understand.

    Thus she decides to learn this language. She buys books about informatics and Internet right and announces herself in computer conferences. The technical terms which she does not understand she writes on slip of paper and looks up them. » I have read night after night «, she says, » I was owned by the will to understand the case. I wanted to take my son not just as a mother in protection, because if I tell to everybody what is the nice boy my horse, nevertheless, nobody will take seriously me. «

    Nobody in the family Ulbricht had annoyance with the justice. When Lyn Ulbricht wants to visit her son for the first time in the prison, she must fill dozens of forms, the treatment lasts weeks, one says to her on the phone. She packs her suitcase, goes to the prison and rings in the attendant's small house. The guards have compassion, the next day all forms are signed. She sees her son in handcuffs behind thick Perspex. Earlier girls on the street often did photos of him because he looked similar to the actor Robert Pattinson so. Now his eyes are murky, the skin paled. » I do not leave you in the sting «, says Lyn Ulbricht. Their son answers: » Do not believe everything what is maintained about me. «

    However, is also clear: By the arrest in the library Ross Ulbricht with the user's name Dread Pirate Roberts was logged in with Silk Road. The quarrel of the pair shortly before his arrest was a staging to deflect him, for one second only. Thus the investigators could guarantee his opened laptop – he would have snapped shut him, the encoding which would have made the calculator for the police useless would automatically have been activated.

    The public prosecutor's office publishes a 39-asided charge. In it is, beside the reproach of the drug trafficking and the computer deception, also from several order murder the speech. In a case it is about a Silk Road for employee who has put on one side supposedly Bitcoins to the value of several millions dollars and should have credited to his private account. First Dread Pirate Roberts wanted to let him with a racquet troop intimidate, then the Silk Road boss considered it differently. He chatted with a user called "Nob" who had offered as an assassin.

    Dread Pirate Roberts (27.1.2013, 15:25 o'clock):Okay, can I change my judgment, from torture on death sentence? He was too long an insider, and I am afraid that he chats.

    Nob (27.1.2013, 15:26 o'clock):
    If you want it so.

    Dread Pirate Roberts (27.1.2013, 15:26 o'clock):
    Yes, I want. I have never killed somebody, but I believe, it is the right action in this case. What will it cost then?

    Nob (27.1.2013, 15:27 o'clock):
    Engulf would have cost 5,000 dollars. What a murder costs, I must arrange only with my colleague.

    Nob (29.1.2013, 12:48 o'clock):
    My colleague has announced himself. He wants 80,000 for the job. The victim lives in a narrowly farmed area, there it becomes heavy to walk in unnoticed and to let disappear the corpse.

    Dread Pirate Roberts (29.1.2013, 12:49 o'clock):

    Nob (29.1.2013, 12:49 o'clock):
    You want that we get cracking? I suppose sometimes, you want to have done it fast.

    Dread Pirate Roberts (29.1.2013, 12:49 o'clock):
    Yes, it lets us do so.
    US media rush in the case: A well-behaved, young man who is described by his friends as a peaceful hippie type builds up a confidential drug empire to give a lesson in the matter of free market economy to the state, and lets his enemies kill. Indeed, the FBI puts away that in the area of the supposed murder neither a corpse was found, nor a person was announced as missing, but now the label "murderer" sticks in Ross Ulbricht.

    Lyn Ulbricht needs a lawyer. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a Non profit organization which exerts itself against Internet supervision and for digital civil rights brings them in contact with Joshua Dratel. He has represented Guantánamo prisoners and knows a lot about what is permitted on the Internet and what not. The lawyer renounces a part of his usual fee, Lyn Ulbricht cannot afford his help, nevertheless. Thus she agrees on payment by instalments and begins a Crowdfunding campaign with which she asks in the net for donations for her son. She writes a Blog in which she gathers all documents of the case and explains. After few weeks Lyn Ulbricht has collected more than 200,000 dollars of donations, for first enough.

    Now the fight for her son determines the life of Lyn Ulbricht. She lets T-shirts with his face and the saying » to Free print of Ross «, travels through the USA and dispenses justice on congresses to data protection, and technology before hundreds of listeners. The famous technology conference SXSW invites them as a speaker, she holds there a blazing pleading for justice on the Internet. She says: » It is a matter for me not only of defending my son – separate about the fact that this process concerns everybody which pursues a website. « She asks: How can one prove who is hidden really behind a user's name? Why is the operator of a side responsible for what his users do there? Dread Pirate Roberts has never acted itself with drugs. » Nevertheless, a flea market operator also does not come to the prison if one of the exhibitors sells unlawful things. « The people listen to her: Finally, sometimes no Technik-Nerd which throws only with technical terms around itself.
    The longer itself Lyn Ulbricht concerns with the case, the greater he becomes. To arrest horse, the investigators needed the data of the server of Silk Road: There was stored as the shops were unwound and who was responsible for the side. This server was encoded. Lyn Ulbricht has meanwhile contacts with hackers and computer experts in the whole world – and many are persuaded of them of the fact that the FBI must have hacked the server unauthorised to come to the data. » This is in such a way as if the police broke at night unnoticed in your house, copies all documents and then looks in rest for proofs «, says Lyn Ulbricht. » Thus dictatorships handle with her guarantors, but not the USA. « The FBI answers: The server has would been found with an ingenious, but legal trick and has been copied. The server was registered in Iceland, the FBI has got according to own information the data by a so-called Mutual Legally Assistance Treaty covered up, an agreement which makes easier the exchange of proofs. Lyn Ulbricht, the qualified journalist, investigates in documents of the foreign ministry – and ascertains: Such agreement between the USA and Iceland does not exist. She writes in her Blog: » The government lies. «

    A superior strength from FBI and New York public prosecutor's office – and hundreds of sides from chat protocols with dealers stands on the other side: the data of the server whether legally procures or not. Also a diary is found on horse of Ulbricht calculator, with many entries to Silk Road. He writes: » Nobody knows in my sphere what I do. « The speech is from 180 million dollars in Bitcoins which Ross Ulbricht with Silk Road should have earned.

    However, Lyn Ulbricht fights on. For them the case exists of two central issues. First: Is Ross Ulbricht guilty? Secondly: Do authorities keep to rules and laws if they investigate on the Internet? To the debt question Lyn Ulbricht refers to many inconsistencies in the procedure and says: » I am his mother. Of course I do not believe that my son is a criminal. « Dear speaks they about the second point. She is persuaded that US investigators behave on the Internet like in the wild west: Only shoot, then ask. And this does her fear. Since in the USA many judgments are based on precedents. The process against Silk Road is the first big case in which everything plays on the Internet: the crimes, the prey, the witnesses, the proofs – everything only data. » If the public prosecutor's office brings my son with her questionably put together proofs behind grid, could run in future in all other cases similarly. «

    When in January, 2015 in Manhattan the process is opened against her son, Lyn Ulbricht is confident: The order murders are no more a part of the accusation, the court seems to doubt the credibility of supposed assassin Nob. Before the courthouse net activists protest against the arrest of horse Ulbricht. Stands on her posters: » Web page operators are no criminals «.

    It is a jury process, that is: The judge hears the witnesses, but whether Ross Ulbricht is spoken guilty, decide twelve jurors. These are juridical laymen who must be impartial. The court interprets in such a way: Who already had to act with Bitcoins or uses the browser to gate, is shy. The only juror who indicates to read news above all on-line is excluded from the jury. The people who judge about horse Ulbricht are often twice as old social worker, specialist or school adviser, than he. Almost everything explains not to use the Internet or barely. To the jury the technical bases are explained by experts of the government. Encoding on the Internet is shown as bad, by the logic: Who has to hide nothing, does not need to hide. Lyn Ulbricht has used more than one year to understand what a Bitcoin-Blockchain or a Linux-Kernel are. But she may not speak with the jury: She could influence the members. Besides, she would explain with pleasure that not everybody which uses the encoding software to gate is a criminal. Gate beginning of the millennium was developed with the help of the US government to give the possibility to dissidents in lands like China or Iran, to comment on the Internet without fear of pursuit.

    The process begins with a sensation. Ross Ulbricht confesses that he has founded Silk Road – but not the only boss of the side was. He lets about his lawyer inform: Silk Road has been intended as a kind of experiment in the matter of ultraliberal market economy. A market with which nobody can interfere should be created by coded Internet connections and digital currency. However, when Silk Road has become a drug trading center, Ulbricht has handed over the side for a long time to another user who has likewise been called Dread Pirate Roberts. Ross Ulbricht presents itself as a scapegoat: The real informants would have persuaded him with tricks to log in still now and then with Silk Road to see according to the right. And thus he was on-line just exactly at the moment when in the library the handcuffs clicked. The defense holds against it: Ross Ulbricht is only responsible for Silk Road. Hundreds gigabytes of incriminating data have been found only on Ross Ulbricht´s  silver Samsung 700Z laptop, the commissions by drug sales are covered completely and to go back unambiguously on horse Ulbricht.

    The jury speaks Ross Ulbricht on the 4th February, 2015 in all charges guilty. Now the judge some months of time has to decide, how long Ross Ulbricht must go in the prison – lifelong custody threatens him. Lyn Ulbricht writes on Twitter: » The process is over, the fight goes on.

    How surely she has with it, comes to light some weeks later. There becomes public that the special force "Marco Polo", the Silk Road has brought to case, is involved in a corruption scandal. Several million dollars has suppressed with Silk Road several official in impounded Bitcoins because they thought that the digital currency be not able to be to traced back. How the policemen who thwart a monetary handing over take then, however, the suitcase with the lights with home. However, the theft flew up – and the authorities must admit: One of the accused policemen, a concealed investigator called Carl Mark Force, was behind the pseudonym Nob – to that supposed assassin who should kill a disloyal Silk Road employee for Dread Pirate Roberts. In truth investigator Force had stolen alias from Nob the money himself and had probably threaded the murder order to veil his theft. The ostensible victim, a bankrupt dealer from Utah, had been arrested by the investigator because of drug trafficking and had been made join in for the plan and simulate his death. Force had sent even photos alias Nob in Dread Pirate Roberts: In it lay of the apparently victims in a puddle from vomited, really it was a chicken soup from the box.

    The judge already knew before the process about the inquiries against Carl Mark Force, however, it kept secret before the jury. Because the order murders were not a part of the accusation, it is not relevant whether the investigators were corrupt in this thing, explained the court. The fact that Ross Ulbricht is hidden behind the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts, is indisputable. At the end of May judge Katherine Forrest announces the sentence for horse Ulbricht: lifelong custody, without chance of untimely dismissal. In addition, he should pay back as a reparation everything to the government what should have earned Dread Pirate Roberts with drug trafficking in the net: more than 180 million dollars. Now Lyn Ulbricht wants to go to check because she believes that the government wants to set an example in her son: All the same how well itself somebody believes to hide in the net – the FBI finds him, even if for it possibly servers must be hacked or corrupt policemen be covered. For the end of the procedure the judge explained that horse Ulbricht has also got, so, the maximum penalty, so that possible imitators are deterred.

    Four weeks after the arrest of Ross Ulbricht a new side called Silk Road 2 appears. With Bitcoins one can buy there drugs. Silk Road 2 promises a better protection of her private sphere to her customers. To companies becomes the side of a user who is called Dread Pirate Roberts.

    (Photos: Andrea Mohin/NYT/Redux/laif; Amy E. Price/Getty Iamges for SXSW) Till Krause und Barbara Yelin 
    The author and the illustrator have asked themselves at her work about Silk Road over and over again: When is this material filmed? And really: The Hollywood Studio Fox has protected itself the rights in this case. And because the actor Jared Leto was seen with the sentence announcement in the courtroom, he counts as a possible principal character.

    Original story in german languge here:

    Deep Web Director Alex Winter on Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, and Online Privacy

    Q&A with Deep Web director Alex Winter.

    "Whether you like [the Silk Road] or not, whether you agree with it or not, it was a political engine," says Alex Winter, director of the new documentary Deep Web. "That's the thing that the government has never wanted to talk about."
    Winter sat down to talk with author, historian, and Reason magazine contributor Thaddeus Russell following a *Reason**-*sponsored screening of Deep Web at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.
    The film chronicles the rise and fall of the online black market Silk Road and its founder Ross Ulbricht. Winter shares his take on whether Ulbricht, who used the pseudonym "Dread Pirate Roberts" or "DPR," really ordered two murders. (Unbeknownst to Ulbricht, neither were carried out.) (3:48).
    At one point, Winter quoted a controversial statement by Cody Wilson (best known as the first person to 3-D print a working firearm) implying that murder was justified in Ulbricht's situation.
    "Cody says, 'What if DPR did try to kill those people? This guy's a revolutionary and he wants to topple shit,'' Winter told Russell. (27:34). "I think that's an important notion to contemplate."
    Approximately 32 minutes. Interview by Thaddeus Russell. Camera by Alex Manning and Zach Weissmueller. Edited by Weissmueller.
    Deep Web is available to watch on Epix and will be available on iTunes and all other VOD platforms on September 1.
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    The Bitcoin Story - Full Video
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