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Monday, January 27, 2014

All Markets Vendor Directory

Your trusted directory for anonymous market vendor identities Vendor Search

All Markets Vendor Directory Adress:


Welcome to the All Markets Vendor Directory. A single source for vendor identities across all of the main anonymous markets linked back to PGP identity.
You can use the directory to search by vendor name, PGP key ID and PGP UID/name. Wildcard searches are currently not permitted and search results are capped at 5 results.
All of the vendors listed here have one thing in common, they all have published PGP keys.
If you are a vendor on one of the main anonymous markets and you find that you are not listed in this directory then it is most likely that you either do not have a PGP key published or that your PGP key is broken. It is necessary to have a valid public key listed on your vendor profile page on whichever marketplaces you vend on. Try publishing your PGP key to the Onion only PGP key-server and waiting for 24-48 hours or so - you can find the main Onion key-server at http://lbnugoq5na3mzkgv.onion/ and submitting your public key is simple.
All vendor PGP public keys held on the key-server that are published by a vendor on one of the markets are signed by us once confirmed. If you see that a vendor key is signed by us then you have some additional assurance that it is a valid key from the stated market although obviously we make no other warranties.
The primary reason for this sites existence is to help establish trust but most importantly to provide an additional layer of resiliency into the anonymous market place infrastructure and we work hard to make sure the data here is both accurate and regularly updated. We are not-for-profit and cover all costs out of our own pockets. If you find this directory useful then Bitcoin donations to 1FisCYY7udYUMTnaj1zkVMjuxpPLrWrCG5 will be hugely appreciated and pave the way for expansion and enhanced hosting.
El Presidente
PGP KEY: http://lbnugoq5na3mzkgv.onion/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x1DC7E25594D92DEC
BTC Wallet: 1FisCYY7udYUMTnaj1zkVMjuxpPLrWrCG5


Friday, January 24, 2014

DarkList Aims To Be The 'Yelp' Of Silk-Road-Style Drug Dealers

  DarkList (requires TOR): http://53xxbppattnascpm.onion

When the Department of Justice took down the anonymous, Bitcoin-based narcotics bazaar known as the Silk Road in October, the dark web drug market didn’t disappear. It splintered into smaller markets. And now a new site known as DarkList has taken on the mission of sewing the fractured online drug industry back together.
DarkList, which first appeared in December but took a month-long hiatus before relaunching Wednesday, aims to be a directory of all the disparate underground drug dealers on the growing number of dark web marketplaces including Silk Road 2.0, Agora, The Marketplace, Blue Sky, Pandora, and others. When one of the sites shuts down–a common-enough occurrence in the Web’s wild underground–DarkList says it will help the site’s customers reconnect with their preferred dealers on other sites. “Let’s face it – buying and selling anonymously on the Dark Web is currently in a volatile state,” reads the tagline on the site’s homepage. “We built this directory so that you can always have a way to stay in contact with those you love.”

The DarkList homepage.
The DarkList homepage.
Like the anonymous markets it links to, DarkList runs as a Tor hidden service to hide users’ identities and its own location. But unlike those sites, an unnamed DarkList admin tells me, the directory won’t actually participate directly in illegal commerce–a decision that’s part of its strategy to be “as uninteresting to [law enforcement] as possible.”
“We don’t sell product,” the DarkList admin writes to me. “The brief history of dark web marketplaces shows that there are three possible outcomes: incarceration, scam, or get hacked – none of which are congruent with our aspirations or morals. So, instead of being the Walmart of drugs, we are more interested in a model analogous to Yelp YELP -2.96%.”
Indeed, plenty of sites have ended in one of the three ways DarkList’s admin names over just the last few months. In October the creator of the Silk Road, who went by the name Dread Pirate Roberts, was arrested and the site seized by law enforcement, along with nearly $150 million worth of bitcoins. The administrators of competing sites Atlantis, Project Black Flag, and Sheep Marketplace all absconded with the bitcoins users and dealers has stored on their sites. And several of those marketplaces, as well as the relaunched Silk Road, have faced barrages of hacker attacks that took them offline for days or even weeks at a stretch.
DarkList isn’t the only one to think of responding to those outages by creating a directory of individual drug dealers. So has another site calling itself “All Markets Vendor Directory” created by someone by the name of El Presidente. But DarkList has gone much further than just listing the dealers–it also includes a function to message them, and even to send them Bitcoin payments. The site’s profits come from a 2.5% fee it takes on those transactions as well as Bitcoin donations.
The directory sites represent yet another move in the developing game of whack-a-mole facing law enforcement as they try to crack down on the online narcotics industry. DarkList, in fact, seems to position itself as less clearly illegal than sites like the Silk Road–a difficult argument given that it could likely still be accused of narcotics conspiracy–or at least less of a target for law enforcement. “I can tell you that we have limited our functionality, as well as monetization opportunities, to mitigate the interest of those wishing to enforce their laws,” DarkList’s admin writes to me.
In fact, DarkList looks a lot like a scheme posted last month to the Silk Road Reddit forum by a user known as Synth3i, whose frustrated response to the series of site shutdowns in the dark web drug industry was soon upvoted and widely discussed. “Buy straight from the vendors, no market, no middle man running an unsecured site that puts everybody at risk,” his suggestion reads. “You buy from who YOU trust, you make your own judgement calls…If it’s clear that the problem is the markets, then remove the markets.”
DarkList doesn’t go that far, however; Rather than replace the markets, it links to them. But it may indeed make law enforcement’s job more complicated, helping to unite the different dark web markets so that one of the sites’ disappearance hardly affects the sales of the site’s dealers. “A marketplace goes down, and everyone scrambles to connect with each other,” says the DarkList admin. “That’s where DarkList really shines (in a dark way).”

 Stay dark...

Meet the DarkSite(list) (requires TOR):

Monday, January 20, 2014

Feds seize Silk Road's $28 million Bitcoin wallet

Image of Bitcoin sack from Shutterstock, 165294086In a press release on Thursday, the US Attorney's office for Manhattan announced the forfeiture of 29,655 Bitcoins seized from Silk Road, a dark web marketplace that facilitated the trade of drugs and other illegal activity.
Prosecutors seized the virtual currency that allows buyers to remain anonymous, worth around $28 million (£17 million) at current prices, during a raid on a Silk Road server in October last year. Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, also confirmed that the Silk Road website itself will be forfeited along with the Bitcoins.
Bharara highlighted the fact that the Bitcoins were not seized simply because they were Bitcoins but because of their status as an asset in a criminal case, saying that:
With today's forfeiture of $28 million worth of Bitcoins from the Silk Road website, a global cyber business designed to broker criminal transactions, we continue our efforts to take the profit out of crime and signal to those who would turn to the dark web for illicit activity that they have chosen the wrong path. These Bitcoins were forfeited not because they are Bitcoins, but because they were, as the court found, the proceeds of crimes.
The largest ever seizure of the virtual currency also saw authorities grab 144,336 Bitcoins from the personal computer of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged mastermind of Silk Road. Ulbricht, who it is claimed also went by the name of Dread Pirate Roberts, was arrested at the San Francisco Public Library in October following a federal investigation that began in 2011.
He has been charged with computer hacking conspiracy, narcotics trafficking conspiracy, and money laundering.
The future of Ulbricht's stash, currently valued at around $130 million and in the hands of the FBI, is being contested:
Ulbricht has filed a claim in the civil forfeiture action, asserting that he is the owner of the Bitcoins found on his computer hardware, and contesting the forfeiture of those Bitcoins.
The government can only auction off Silk Road's assets because they were "being used to facilitate money laundering", so Ulbricht may be able to keep his Bitcoins if his civil case is successful in proving that those on his personal computer were not associated with the website.
Other individuals who may have had Bitcoins in the Silk Road wallet, for whatever reason, will have lost their virtual funds though. This includes Bitcoin fans who, according to Ars Technica, sent micro-payments to the wallet now held by the federal government in order to allow them to add publicly-viewable messages such as these gems:
Public Note: hey computer geek, who control this address. 'Ross Ulbricht' is not the bad guy, you are a bad guy. Please open your eyes, dont be brainwashed, and think your self!!!
Just how the federal government will dispose of the Bitcoins currently in its possession is not known at this time, with Manhattan US Attorney Office spokesperson Jim Margolin telling Forbes that, "We have not yet determined exactly how the Bitcoins will be converted and liquidated," before later suggesting that an auction will be held.
With Bitcoins currently valued at around $900 each, investors and other holders of the virtual currency may want to consider their positions, as it's possible that any large-scale sale by the US authorities may push down prices for some time to come.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Forfeiture Of $28 Million Worth Of Bitcoins Belonging To Silk Road

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Largest Ever Forfeiture of Bitcoins; Court Also Orders Forfeiture of the Silk Road Hidden Website

Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, today announced the forfeiture of approximately 29,655 Bitcoins (which, at today’s Bitcoin exchange rate, are worth approximately $28 million) that were seized from the Silk Road server, as well as the forfeiture of the Silk Road hidden website. The Silk Road hidden website and the Bitcoins that were forfeited yesterday had been seized in connection with the civil forfeiture action previously filed in Manhattan federal court on September 30, 2013, seeking the forfeiture of all assets of Silk Road, including its website and all of its Bitcoins because those assets allegedly were used to facilitate money laundering and constitute property involved in money laundering. In addition to the civil action, a criminal Complaint against Ross William Ulbricht, a/k/a “Dread Pirate Roberts,” a/k/a “DPR,” a/k/a “Silk Road,” the alleged owner and operator of the Silk Road hidden website, was filed in September 2013 in Manhattan federal court charging him with one count of narcotics conspiracy, one of count of conspiracy to commit computer hacking, and one count of money laundering conspiracy. The forfeiture order was signed yesterday by United States District Judge J. Paul Oetken.
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said: “With today’s forfeiture of $28 million worth of Bitcoins from the Silk Road website, a global cyber business designed to broker criminal transactions, we continue our efforts to take the profit out of crime and signal to those who would turn to the dark web for illicit activity that they have chosen the wrong path. These Bitcoins were forfeited not because they are Bitcoins, but because they were, as the court found, the proceeds of crimes.”
The Silk Road hidden website was designed to enable its users to buy and sell illegal drugs and other unlawful goods and services anonymously and beyond the reach of law enforcement. In connection with the civil forfeiture action, and in addition to the Bitcoins that were forfeited yesterday, the Government seized an additional 144,336 Bitcoins (which, at today’s Bitcoin exchange rate, are worth over $130 million) that were found on computer hardware belonging to Ulbricht. Ulbricht has filed a claim in the civil forfeiture action, asserting that he is the owner of the Bitcoins found on his computer hardware, and contesting the forfeiture of those Bitcoins.
*                      *                      *
The prosecution of this case is being handled by the Office’s Complex Frauds Unit. Assistant United States Attorney Serrin Turner is in charge of the prosecution, and Assistant United States Attorney Christine Magdo is in charge of the forfeiture aspects of the case.
The charges contained in the criminal Complaint against Ulbricht are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

 U.S. v. Silk Road Partial Default Judgment and Order of Forfeiture PDF:

Silk Road forfeits $28M in Bitcoins seized from its servers

Prosecutors emphasize that the Bitcoins were seized in connection with a probe of the online drug marketplace -- not because they were Bitcoins.
Federal prosecutors announced Thursday the forfeiture of $28 million in Bitcoins seized from Silk Road, an online marketplace that allowed the anonymous sale of illegal merchandise.
Preet Bharara, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced the forfeiture of 29,655 Bitcoins seized from Silk Road's server in connection with a civil forfeiture action against the online marketplace, which was seized by the FBI in October. Bharara emphasized that the Bitcoins had been seized in connection with the investigation and not due to the currency's unregulated nature.
"These bitcoins were forfeited not because they are bitcoins, but because they were, as the court found, the proceeds of crimes," Bahara said in a statement.

The forfeiture order was signed Wednesday by US District Judge J. Paul Oetken, according to the statement.
A criminal complaint filed last September in Manhattan charged the alleged owner and operator of the online marketplace, Ross Ulbricht, with computer hacking conspiracy, narcotics trafficking conspiracy, and money laundering. In the days after Ulbricht's indictment, eight people in three different countries were arrested in connection with the sale of drugs on Silk Road.
Silk Road was an online drug marketplace where its nearly 1 million anonymous users could buy and sell all sorts of drugs using the secure Tor browser. The purchases were typically made with the virtual currency Bitcoin and sales are said to have totaled more than $1 billion, earning Ulbricht nearly $80 million, prosecutors said.$28m-in-bitcoins-seized-from-its-servers/

More info here:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Silk Road 2.0 - Important Update (Please Read Before Using the Reopened Market)

Silk Road Community,

Merely three months have passed since our marketplace's first incarnation was captured by our oppressors. This was a brutal blow, but we are very proud that such a devastating compromise only resulted in one month of downtime. I chalk it up to an incredible crew surrounded by a fiercely passionate and supportive community.

Our movement's strength has been tested more in the recent months than across our previous two years combined. I am deeply honored to fight alongside thousands of determined warriors, and fight we will.

This past week our ship suffered major damage.

Three of our crew were lost, and our Captain was forced into exile.

Unfortunately as contingency plans were engaged, an even graver situation reared its head below deck.

Will this be the end of everything we've fought for? Will our movement be remembered as a cypherpunk fad, or as an unstoppable force?

I'm here to fight.

But I recommend that you take a deep breath.


The market will reopen on schedule today, at 23:00:00 UTC. Your patience has been appreciated.

Our team has worked tirelessly through the Christmas break, and you’ll be pleased to see several new features implemented when you log back into the market. More features will be rolled out on a daily basis, check the Silk Road Discussion forum for daily updates.

But in order for this community to grow it is important that I remain as transparent as possible.

There is a pressing issue I want to make you all aware of. And I won’t play it down – it will affect many of you.

This is a very hard announcement for me to write. It would be far easier for me to follow in the footsteps of dishonest market owners, and blame this issue on a fictional bug. I now understand the inner conflict they were feeling when they decided to lie to their own communities.

I must be honest. Silk Road was built with integrity, and that means continuing to be honest with the community even if it will trigger severe backlash.

So, here is the issue, followed by our plans to resolve it.

The Issue

As you know, DPR has been absent for several days now. The good news is that the contingency plan has been followed precisely, and is mostly on track. I hoped to never need to play more than a silent role in this movement, and I am distraught that we needed the contingency plan so early on: roughly forty-five days after relaunch. But let’s be glad the plan was there.

When we began building the Silk Road's second iteration, we decided that our servers should store as few Bitcoins as possible to minimize risk. The list of marketplaces on the darknet which have been hacked for Bitcoins is far longer than it should be. Lessons haven't been learned by many administrators.

We implemented a cold storage system similar to systems used at many banks and Bitcoin exchanges. This system stored the majority of user and escrow balances on computers completely disconnected from the internet. Throughout the week, we would transfer funds to/from cold storage to ensure enough balance on on each server for projected daily operations.

It was an attempt to learn from the mistakes made on SR1, to protect your funds in the event of a catastrophic hack or server seizure.

Unfortunately this week we learned that this approach was not perfect, and we again find ourselves in the humiliating position of learning from a fresh mistake.

When DPR disappeared, Cirrus wisely encouraged everyone to withdraw all coins from the marketplace. In the aftermath, I ensured that the servers stayed online for an extra day, and deposited the majority of my personal funds into the server to prevent the balance from going negative as orders were finalized in the withdrawal rush.

The contingency plan worked flawlessly except for one critical failure: When DPR hit his killswitch, I was to receive an encrypted message with the keys to access the escrow cold storage. I am still waiting for it.

I cannot elaborate on the specifics of the killswitch mechanism or the Captain's present situation, as it will cause more harm than good. We do know for a fact that he has not been compromised or detained by our oppressors, and that he does not hold any information which would threaten any within this community.

After last week's mayhem, it is now apparent that we have lost ability to unlock the Escrow wallet's cold storage mechanism which contains over 90% of user escrow funds.

All Bitcoins in users’ balances are available and safe.

But all Bitcoins that were left in Escrow over the Christmas period will be temporarily unavailable.

In other words, if you have funds in escrow, you will not be able to access them yet even once they are released/refunded to you.

I take full responsibility for allowing this foolish single point of failure, and will personally commit to repaying all escrow balances within the next four months by working unpaid. All staff is on the same page with me on this.

To be clear: This does NOT apply to your Silk Road account balance, and it does NOT apply to any funds you deposit to the market (or place in escrow) from now onwards – it applies ONLY to funds that were left in escrow before Christmas.

What Will Happen In The Short-Term

For the time being, coins released to vendors or refunded to sellers from pre-Christmas escrow will be placed in a separate wallet on your account, which we will name your ‘Pending Wallet’.

Balances in your Pending Wallet will be temporarily unavailable for withdrawal until we are able to unlock the cold storage mechanism.

I want to be clear here that this restriction of coins will only be temporary – the moment DPR returns to us, escrow coins will be returned immediately. In the event that he does not return (and I am confident he will), we will be refunding coins on a bi-weekly basis from the commission the market makes.

For every two weeks that pass, we will split our market commission earnings between all users with Pending Wallets until everyone is completely repaid. Vendors and Buyers will receive payouts on the 1st and 15th of each month, starting January 15th.

In the worst-case scenario of DPR not returning, ALL coins will be returned by no later than May 1st, 2014. Until ALL coins are made available once more, ALL staff (myself included) have agreed to forfeit all compensation and commission they would normally receive, instead choosing to offer their salaries back to the community for as long as it takes for all users to receive access to the coins in their Pending Wallets.

A Longer-Term Solution

Two new features have been designed to help prevent this loss from happening again:

1. 'No-Escrow' Listings – Vendors will be able to opt-out of the Escrow system by listing items as "No Escrow". This completely bypasses our escrow system and is a truly free market.

This will allow you to bypass Silk Road fees, and forfeit the safety of escrow to deal with other users directly. PLEASE USE THIS WITH EXTREME CARE AND CAUTION – although this option will waive the Silk Road fee and therefore be cheaper for buyers, it should be approached in the same way as finalizing early.

Vendors: be aware that refusing to offer escrow will most likely drive customers away.
Buyers: please be aware that selecting this option puts you at greater risk – only ever deal directly with vendors you have complete confidence in, and even then, only choose this if you can accept the possibility of losing the money.

NOTE: We will be temporarily charging fees on No-Escrow listings until all Pending Wallets are completely refunded, then this will become no-fee option. Our top priority as a staff is to get the Pending Wallets refunded as quickly as possible, and charging fees on No-Escrow listings may help accomplish this before May.

2. Multi-Signature Bitcoin Cold Storage - We have rebuilt our cold storage process to use multi-signature transactions to make it much more difficult for Bitcoins to ever be lost again. This revolves around a voting system, where multiple admins hold the keys to the wallets. Many other improvements have been made operationally, which we will never disclose. We will also never disclose the size of the admin staff.

No-Escrow will be launching over the weekend, with a vendor-specific announcement. Cold Storage improvements have already been implemented.

A whole new set of features will be announced in a separate thread in the hours to come.

This has been a very difficult two weeks for staff, from the DDoS to our fallen crew. We are growing from our mistakes, and know there will be many justifiably-harsh words directed towards us. To the many out there defending our motives and standing by our side: we will not fail you.

Thank you for sticking together, and welcome back to Silk Road. I wish you all the best for 2014. May it be nothing at all like the last quarter of 2013.

On a personal note: I realize that many of you do not know me.

Trust in the darknet is more volatile than any currency, and it cannot be exchanged. It must be earned personally.

I intend to prove to you that leading this movement forward is my top priority in life, and that I will pour any time and energy necessary into ensuring its success.

You may not always see me here under this name but I am completely committed to ensuring this movement's immortality.

I take this responsibility very seriously, but don't trust my words alone. Over the next months, ask buyers and vendors with Pending Wallets if they are getting paid and watch for yourself if I am a man of my word.

While other admins may run away when calamities strike - I'm ready to fight right here alongside you.

May our past mistakes stay fresh in our mind. As often as the sword is sharpened, may we also refine our approach.


Read full update here:   http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=12055.0;all

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

List of Hidden Marketplaces (Tor & I2P)

↓↓↓ is highly recommended↓↓↓
Visit this link to create wallet to buy,sell or trade bitcoin:

                                 Hide your TOR usage and use IPVanish to stay anonymous !

                          ↓↓Click on the link down below to get more informations about pricing & IPVanish↓↓ 



  Last Update: 21.02.

                                                 The Biggest & Most Recent Markets

                                    "Top Of The Markets"

                                (For other Darknet Markets & details just scroll down)



1. Dream Market Marketplace invite url:





http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/affiliate.php?aff=412262. AlphaBay  Marketplace invite url:

3. Valhalla (Silkkitie)  invite url:

4. Hansa
http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion/affiliate/707Marketplace invite url:

8. T•chka Free Market invite url:


9. House of Lions
Marketinvite url:

11. Trade Route invite url:  
http://traderouteilbgzt.onion/? r=98jXu
http://traderouteilbgzt.onion/? r=98jXu

To See The Full List of all 50 Markets just scroll down below

How to join DarkNet Tutorial  Click HERE

Last Update: 21.02.207
Listing:  50 Live Marketplaces
Welcome to the Updated List of Dark Net Markets!
  • Every link is checked, browsed, registered and manually logged to verify its authenticity. Please double check if you are unsure of a link’s validity.
  • Don’t be lazy! Do your research before using any DarkNet Market. Check out the markets forum, the market sub-reddit, and be sure to look for information at:
    – DarknetMarkets Reddit
  • Use your common sense and consider every market as a potential SCAM. NEVER store coins on the sites; do not trust on-site escrows and always Use PGP!!!

TOR Browser Download (PC - IPhone - MAC-- ANDROID - GNU/Linux)
 >>> If the NSA is knockin, get your door locking - Always use PGP Encryption - TOR ond VPN  together to stay Anonymous 

New Update:  24.01.2017 - 6.5 based on Mozilla Firefox 45.7.0
Always keep your TOR Browser updated to get the latest safety features DarkNet Market links only work with TOR Browser.
Download TOR Browser here: 
Tor Browser for Windows (New Version)
Version 6.0.5 - Windows 10,8, 7, Vista, and XP 
 >>> Download TOR (PC Version) here <<<

Not Using Windows?
Download TOR for Mac or GNU/Linux

TOR Browser for IPhone / IPad
Download TOR for ANDROID &  IPhone / IPad
For IPhone users there is "Onion Browser":
Onion Browser for IPhone & IPad @ CNET:

Tor Browser ANDROID
TOR Browser for your ANDROID   "Orbot" + "Orweb" = TOR Browser (NO ROOT)
Orbot is a Programm and Orweb the Browser .You need both Apps to use TOR
Orbot for ANDROID (Google Play):
Orfox for ANDROID (Google Play):

Or alternative you can use ORBOT with Lightning Browser to use TOR:

TOR for Android:

[Tutorial] How To Join DarkNet Markets  Click HERE

[Tutorial] How to join  Dream Market or AlphaBay
Click: HERE

[Tutorial]Some Types Of Internet Security Threats, Scam Prevention & Finalizing Early      Click HERE

[Tutorial] Needfull Things - PDF Download´s (Smuggling & Hiding Methods,Anarchistic CookBook,Drugs,Tutorials ....)   

For most of this pdf files you have to pay on the markets. Click:HERE


[Tutorial] How & Why Mix Your Bitcoins ? Click HERE

PRIVACY TIP FOR DEEP WEB USERS: Use a IPVanish VPN with Tor. Don’t fall into a false sense of security by believing that Tor is enough to protect you. If you want the very best anonymity and privacy while on the Deep Web then you need to be using a IPVanish VPN with Tor.
It is an extremely valuable tool in your fight for anonymity. If you want to be "101% Safe" you have to encrypt your delivery adress with PGP Encryption.

PGP Download:

The dangerous anonymity tips the drug dealer


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Invite / Referral Only markets

This category is for markets that require an invite code or a referral link in order to register. We have included valid links that will enable registration. Please note: safety is not guaranteed! For the highest level of security, use multisig markets.

Invite Market   Escrow Marketplace
            Been around since around Nov/Dec 2013 - uses Traditional escrow system.

Dream Market alt links .Choose one of the links above if the site is loading too slow:


 ** Top Rated & Recommended Marketplace **
Dream Market is currently the second largest drug market on the DarkNet. Dream Marketplace requires a referral link (Dream Market Invite) to register both as buyer and as vendor. I have included a working referral (invite) link in Dream Market´s Marketplace URL above. Dream Market offers normal escrow services.

MultiSig And Trusted Marketplace  Invite Market
Marketplace Forum Url:  http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/forum/

Notes: ** Top Rated & Recommended Marketplace **
Uses Multisig (guide here) & Normal Escrow – Quoted from the market: AlphaBay Market is a marketplace founded by alpha02, reputable member on most carding forums and experienced carders. After some time helping others on carding forums, he decided to start his own marketplace and allow sellers from around the world to sell goods to buyers worldwide.

Alternate Onion Links - In Case The Main One Is Down:


MultiSig Or Trusted   Invite Markets
Notes:Darknet Market with multisig escrow system – not affiliated with the previous Hansa market who got hacked and shutdown.


http://traderouteilbgzt.onion/? r=98jXu

Trade Route

MultiSig Or Trusted   Invite Markets
Marketplace Forum Url: http://ztzh2de6crfkdgtl.onion/
Notes:  TradeRoute is a traditional & Multisig escrow marketplace








House Of Lions

Marketplace Forum Url: http://jrx7li2ofr4vu5xv.onion/
Notes: House Of Lions Market, formerly known as LEO market, another traditional escrow market using the familiar Agora layout (Abraxas V2?…)



MultiSig And Invite Marketplace
Marketplace Forum Url:  http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/index.php?board=37.20
Notes:    Was a Finnish only marketplace turned international and available in English, exists since October 2013. Offers both traditional escrow & multisig, 2FA and forced PGP, recently turned invite only and require a referral link to register as a buyer or a vendor (which you can find above)


Escrow Marketplace Invite Markets
Notes: T•chka allows you to buy and sell your stuff instantly. And you don’t have to communicate with other party at all. Buy or sell coordinates of your buried treasures. Finalize the trade only if you are satisfied with your purchase, or get your money back otherwise. Rate & review your purchases and sellers.
Tochka is now a referral market – a referral is included in the market url above.


Escrow Invite Marketplace
Marketplace Forum Url:http://outforumbpapnpqr.onion

Alt Links (If any other adress isn´t available choose one of this links):


Invite Markets   MultiSig Or Trusted  

MultiSig Or Trusted   Markets

Multisig or Trusted

This category is for dark net markets that utilize multisig transactions, or those that have displayed great conduct over a long period of time—with no security issues, minimal reports about scamming or technical issues, and administrators that have proven their competency. Usage guides for multisig transactions on the various dark net markets can be found here.

MultiSig And Trusted Marketplace   Invite Market
Marketplace Forum Url: http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/forum/
Sub reddit:
Notes:  Uses Multisig (guide here) & Normal Escrow – Quoted from the market: AlphaBay Market is a marketplace founded by alpha02, reputable member on most carding forums and experienced carders. After some time helping others on carding forums, he decided to start his own marketplace and allow sellers from around the world to sell goods to buyers worldwide.

Alt links in case the main one is down:

Escrow Markets

Invite Market   Escrow Marketplace
            Been around since around Nov/Dec 2013 - uses Traditional escrow system.

Dream Market alt links .Choose one of the links above if the site is loading too slow:


 ** Top Rated & Recommended Marketplace **
Dream Market is currently the second largest drug market on the DarkNet. Dream Marketplace requires a referral link (Dream Market Invite) to register both as buyer and as vendor. I have included a working referral (invite) link in Dream Market´s Marketplace URL above. Dream Market offers normal escrow services.

Quick phishing check
Phishing sites do exist for Dream Market. Please make sure your account is safe.
Please check the url in the browser to start with 'http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=48853'. If the address is different you should logout and login again with the correct url. In case of a phishing attempt please also change your password and contact the support team.
In case you experienced something strange during the login procedure please change your password.

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Notes: Traditional escrow market.

Notes: Market for buying and selling access to hacked sites (webshells) PekarMarket. The service works as a market for buying and selling access to sites (webshells) with a choice of a large number of parameters. Market is in Russian and English version. 



Marketplace url: http://rsclubvvwcoovivi.onion/
Notes: Escrow market & Autoshop
Marketplace Forum Url: http://rsclubzznck53v35.onion/


Escrow Market
Marketplace url:  http://market3y77xnmhwm.onion
Notes: From the creators of Megapack vendor shop –  This is a market for digital item vendors. Offers traditional escrow.

Escrow Market
Marketplace url:  http://darkheroesq46awl.onion
Marketplace Forum Url:  http://darkheroesfmmp6n.onion 
Notes: Escrow market – Collection of old time vendors who were invited to sell on this market.


Escrow Marketplace
Marketplace url:   http://cryptomktgxdn2zd.onion/signup.php?auth=cBF3cZqC3KD6W6
Notes: Regular Escrow market, from the same team who created Diabolus Market / Silk Road 3


Ramp (Russian Anonymous Marketplace)
Escrow Marketplace
Notes: A Thriving Russian marketplace (forum based), i don’t speak Russian but i have heard some reports about this marketplace being legit. don’t take my word, check for yourself.



Nucleus Market

Marketplace url: http://nucleuspf3izq7o6.onion/

Marketplace Forum Url: http://z34uj4opd3tejafn.onion/

Sub reddit:

Notes:Normal Escrow marketplace – supports Bitcoin, Litcoin and Darkcoin


Escrow Marketplace
Marketplace Forum Url:http://bm26rwk32m7u7rec.onion/
Notes: Forum for Psychedelics, No fees , No wallets and P2P transactions.


Vendors Shops

These sites are not markets, they are individual vendors who operate their own sites. Since its harder to find reliable reviews for most of these vendor shops, use your judgment before making any purchases.


Your Drug

Notes: “Yourdrug is consisted of a small team of experienced individuals who have been in this business for years, to continue our growth we have decided to expand our business on the Darknet Markets. We have always been providing our local customers with the best quality at a fair market price, we only sell what the customer wants and expects. Privacy and discretion has always been our number one priority and this will remain like this. We deliver products to personal users and resellers, both will have the same priority in regard of shipping time, packaging methods and privacy.”
Vending on Alphabay and Dream



Vendor Shops
Marketplace URL: http://ye224web57i3gblr.onion/
Notes:Vendor from Alphabay, Dream and previous markets – selling cannabis products


Vendor Shops
Marketplace url:http://jpdoazbb44eyu7dv.onion
Notes:  Vendor from IDC & SR3 Selling Coke, MDMA, Hash & Ketamine



Vendor Shops
Notes: Vendor from Dream, Alphabay & Outlaw – Selling   Speed,Ecstasy, Hash, MDMA, Sildenafil, Weed.


Vendor Shops
Marketplace URL: http://grimlockdlsgupyj.onion
Notes: Dark net market vendor since 2013 operated on
Nucleus and Evolution, Selling Bud & Concentrates.


Vendor Shops
Marketplace URL: http://grimlockdlsgupyj.onion
Notes: Dark net market vendor since 2013 operated on Nucleus and Evolution,
Selling Bud & Concentrates.


Vendor Shops
Notes: Old vendor from Silk Road 1, 2 , Agora, Evolution, Abraxas, Middle Earth & Valhalla – We welcome everyone to the largest online coffeshop in the world.


Vendor Shops
Marketplace url:  http://rechardsp4x6tdrh.onion/
Notes:  RechardSport is professional wholesaler in China, specialized in sportwear. With rapid growth, we are expanding our business to luxury merchandise. We are one-stop-shop now!

Vendor Shops
Marketplace url:  http://artsmankindxgcv5.onion/
Notes:  The Private vendor shop of JesusOfRave – Old time vendor selling LSD & MDMA


Vendor Shops
Marketplace url:  http://euyde4xlqceh6lxp.onion/
Notes:  The direct deals page of HashishMaster, vendor from Abraxas / Valhalla – selling hashish / cannabis products.


Vendor Shops
Marketplace url:http://l33ter2w7q4bytfh.onion/
Notes:  Vendor L33ter from most of the important darknet marketplaces since Evolution. Selling digital and physical products, with automatic dispatch on digital goods and customers ticket system. Vendor shop of digital products with auto dispatch mode and other varieties of products from l33ter vendor.

Vendor Shops
Marketplace URL:  http://elherbotsiddarol.onion/
Notes: Vendor from Middle Earth – Selling Cannabis Products


Vendor Shops
Marketplace url:  http://ma3lisqktqdlg3t6.onion/
Notes:   Team of sellers and coders who sell Pure MDMA. Have been active on SR1 and EVO before they went down and are active on Alphabay.


Vendor Shops
Marketplace url:  http://mghreb4l5hdhiytu.onion/
Notes: Crypto Market vendor – Selling pollen Ketama Hash


Vendor Shops 
Marketplace url:   http://fightckxiykml2xu.onion/
Notes:  Seller from Silkkitie, Dream, Abraxas, Alphabay, Nucleus, Middle Earth, Crypto – Selling digital documents to pass verifications such as: driver licenses, utility bills, id’s etc..


Vendor Shops
Notes:  Private vendor shop of Europills – Vendor from Agora, Alphabay, Abraxas & Middle Earth. Selling Meds.


Vendor Shops
Notes: Notes:The Vendor shop of the vendor Darkmarket – selling digital items.


Vendor Shops
Marketplace url:  http://tytbeta57rw2onit.onion/
Notes:  Old time vendor since 2012 selling multiple products


Vendor Shops
Notes:  UK Darknet cocaine vendor – Operating on the following markets: CRYPTO,ALPHABAY,OXYGEN AND DREAM Opened his own vendor shop.


Vendor Shops
Notes: Vendor of psychedelic substances since SR1. Star rated by LSD Avengers community.

Vendor Shops
Notes: Vendor shop of the digital items vendors Darkmarket & Megatazz & Fake
Offering a magapack of digital items for a fixed price + updates.


Vendor Shops
Notes: Vendor shop from Mr Nice Guy or Nucleus – Selling H, XTC , Meth etc..


Markets For Specific Languages / Countries


Markets For Specific Languages / Countries
Marketplace url: http://hydraruzxpnew4af.onion/ 
Notes: Russian Market


French Deep Web
Markets For Specific Languages / Countries
Marketplace url: http://fdwmarkvokb5i7wh.onion/
Notes: French Market

Swedish - Markets For Specific Languages / Countries
Marketplace Forum Url:  http://flugforumpwzz3wq.onion
Notes:Swedish DNM – the first version was taken down during operation onymous and was later resurrected.







French Dark Net

Markets For Specific Languages / Countries
Marketplace url:http://s35ws7u7sj2g3uxm.onion/
Notes: Language/Country specific marketplace serving the French market.



IDC – Italian Darknet Community

Markets For Specific Languages / Countries
Marketplace url: http://2qrdpvonwwqnic7j.onion/

Notes: Language/Country specific marketplace serving the Italian market. 





Markets For Specific Languages / Countries

Marketplace url:http://wayawaytcl3k66fl.onion/
Notes: Language/Country specific marketplace serving the Russian market.



Notes:Market for buying and selling access to hacked sites (webshells) PekarMarket. The service works as a market for buying and selling access to sites (webshells) with a choice of a large number of parameters. Market is in Russian and English version



Ramp (Russian Anonymous Marketplace)

Markets For Specific Languages / Countries 
Notes: Language/Country specific marketplace serving the Russian market.

Sub reddit:  None
Notes:  A Thriving Russian marketplace (forum based), i don’t speak Russian but i have heard some reports about this marketplace being legit. don’t take my word, check for yourself.
 Maximise Privacy: Use  VPN -IPVanish is highly recommended







Markets For Specific Languages / Countries
Marketplace url:  http://xuytcbrwbxbxwnbu.onion/   

Notes: Language/Country specific marketplace serving the Russian market. RuTOR – Russian onion forum



Non-English - Markets For Specific Languages / Countries
Marketplace Forum Url: http://rusilkustvysnokg.onion/
Notes:Russian forum – “Anonymous automatic trading platform”


Escrow Markets


 Discussion Forums

DarkNet markets discussion forums, not related to any specific markets.

Discussion Forums
Marketplace Forum Url: http://avengerfxkkmt2a6.onion/
Notes: A forum dedicated to harm reduction, discussion and testing of drugs ordered on the Dark Net Markets


Discussion Forums
Marketplace Forum Url:  http://thehub7gqe43miyc.onion/
Notes: The Hub ForumsCross-market discussion forums and news centerExists since Silk Road 1.


French Discussion Forums
Marketplace url:  http://ffzone4ry6efpqj3.onion
Notes: French DNM forum – also host an English section (Requires JS)



Marketplace url: http://rutorzzmfflzllk5.onion/
Notes: RuTOR – Russian onion forum
Languages / Countries

Markets For Specific Languages / Countries

FrenchFrench Dark Nethttp://s35ws7u7sj2g3uxm.onion/
French: Intelligent Black Markethttp://ibmarketh6fnr65q.onion/
French: French Freedom Zone Forum:  http://ffzone4ry6efpqj3.onion
French: THC Market French: http://thc777y3wprxnszt.onion/
PolishTorepublic Market: URL: http://nco5ranerted3nkt.onion/forum/market.php
Forum: http://nco5ranerted3nkt.onion/forum/
Russian:  http://pekarmarkfovqvlm.onion/
Russian: HYDRA: http://hydraruzxpnew4af.onion/
RussianRamp Urlhttp://ramp5bb7v2abm34a.onion
RussianRuTor Urlhttp://xuytcbrwbxbxwnbu.onion
RussianRussian Silk Road Urlhttp://rusilkusru6f57uw.onion/
Italian IDChttp://2qrdpvonwwqnic7j.onion/
Swedish: Flugsvamp 2.0 Url:   http://flugsvampkgwqwao.onion

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Bitcoin Foghttp://foggeddriztrcar2.onion
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E.Dr. D's  Market invite url (Customers only):

(For vendors use this invite url)

F. Outlaw Market invite url:

G.Acropolis Market invite url:

H. ACAS Market invite url:

I. Phyton Market invite url:


How to join DarkNet Markets - 
Quick & Easy Tutorial in 7 fast steps
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1.Download Tor Vidalia Bundle here:

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Download TOR for ANDROID &  IPhone / IPad
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2.Install TOR

3. Open TOR and go to one of the 7 links down below (Invite adresses):
These aren the biggest and most recent markets at the moment :

A. Dream Market Marketplace invite url:

B. AlphaBay  Marketplace invite url:

C. Hansa Marketplace invite url:

D. Valhalla (Silkkitie)  invite url:

E. Outlaw Market invite url:

F.Acropolis Market invite url:

G. ACAS Market invite url:

H. Phyton Market invite url:

4.Go to "Register" and create account

5.To buy something in any of this 5 DarkNet Markets you need Bitcoins, so go to any shop in your region and exchange money into Bitcoins,for example here (

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PRIVACY TIP FOR DEEP WEB USERS: Use a IPVanish VPN with Tor. Don’t fall into a false sense of security by believing that Tor is enough to protect you. If you want the very best anonymity and privacy while on the Deep Web then you need to be using a IPVanish VPN with Tor.
It is an extremely valuable tool in your fight for anonymity. If you want to be "101% Safe" you have to encrypt your delivery adress with PGP Encryption.

PGP Download:

6.Before you buy any item read the local Buyer's Guide every DarkNet Market has.

7.If you want to be "100% Safe" you have to encrypt your delivery adress with PGP Encryption
PGP Download:

In darknet can buy weapons, drugs and credit card information.
But the anonymity of the tips criminals are not always helpful. Do not use identity that you use in the open Internet. Stay away from Windows, Linux can not be monitored. Use encryption whenever it is possible. Pack your illegal stuff in a virtual machine. Use Bitcoin Tumbler to erase the traces. Use a dead drop for physical objects that you order.Use a dead post box for physical objects that you order. Do not boast with the money that you earn in the darknet. Use a VPN and Tor bridges together. Do not use
passwords twice. If you are arrested Shut up, but still call your lawyer at.


To order from DarkNet Markets is 100% SAFE because
the system of the DarkNet Markets exists of these 3 components:

1. TOR ( anonymous browser)
2. Bitcoin (Anonymous method to payment)
3. PGP (Program to encode delivery adress)

More Information:  
DarkNet @ Blogger:
DarkNet @YouTube:
DarkNet @ Facebook:
DarkNet @ Twitter:

The untold story of Silk Road:


Please Share The Following Links

Fundraiser For Ross Ulbricht :

 Listen live from 8-10 pm CST by simply clicking play, below!;stream.pls&type=mp3

Please sign this petition asking Obama to pardon Ross:

 DONATE to ROSS Ulbricht:

Listen here:

  Send BTC to the following adress off ROSS


Write to Ross:

You can send Ross mail or reprints of interesting articles. He especially likes to read about economics, politics, science — but anything you like.  You can also send books or magazine subscriptions. Please contact us first and we’ll check for duplications.
Thank you! He could use support right now. 

His address:
Ross Ulbricht, #18870-111
MCC, New York Metropolitan Correctional Center
150 Park Row
New York, NY 10007-1780

Email Us.

PGP Public Key available hereFor an encrypted reply, please email
Our contact form does not relay encrypted messages

"If have enough money to score drugs online, you also can spend a small amount of Bitcoins to  help & support a brother who has to stay in prison"   - общак
Speakers include Alex Winter, Cody Wilson, Lyn Ulbricht, Derrick Broze and more to be announced soon. That's next Saturday 4 to 10 Pm. The Items below will be available at the event.

Listen live from 8-10 pm CST by simply clicking play, below!

Texas Liberty Radio !;stream.pls&type=mp3

Please sign this petition asking Obama to pardon Ross:

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The Crypto Show @ Facebook:

                                                          Facebook - The Cryptoshow    

  • Welcome to the Fundraiser page for Ross Ulbricht’s appeal fund.  The very generous people from the  Bitcoin and Liberty Community have stepped up once again to support the Ulbricht family. These awesome people below have offered up some of the coolest products and services imaginable, to make sure this campaign is a success.  We sought out these people for their defiant nature in the face of authority, because we knew what they had to offer to this campaign  was not just a donation but a statement to the tyrannical sentence received by Ross.  All funds will go directly to
  • BITCOIN DONATIONS  1Ross5Np5doy4ajF9iGXzgKaC2Q3Pwwxv
Cody Wilson: of Defense Distributed. The Ghost Gunner signed by Cody  Sold for $2000
Roger Ver: of  $1000 worth of  advertising on 5 units $500 ea
Kirk & Lyn Ulbricht: Costa Rica Bamboo Beach House, available now thru Nov 15.
One unit starting bid per house: $785 per week.
House #1:
House #2
The Crypto Show: 3 months of  Advertising , banner ads and 60 sec audio commercial to run on podcast editions including audio production.  2 units $ 500 ea.  My magic mud 3 units $25 ea.  Freedoms Phoenix 1oz silver rounds $40 ea 3 units.
Jeff Berwick:  a pair of tickets to Anarchapulco 2016 in beautiful Acapulco Mexico late February 2016  1 unit $290
Luke Rudkowski:  tuition to Change Media University  2 units $150 ea
Julia Tourianski:  Bitcoin Ghost Outside of The Machine Tshirts   3 units $40 ea shipping included
Jamie Redman:  5 to 8 hrs of  Graphic Design work for your project.  1 unit $250
My Magic Mud:  all natural teeth whitening powder.  2 units $25 ea
Brave New Books:  I Am Dread Pirate Roberts Tshirts.  1 units  $25 ea
Brave New Books: $50 gift card for Brave New Books  1 unit  $50
Tatiana Moroz:  2 cds her first 2 albums, Tatiana and Love and Liberty.(signed copies)  2 units $40 ea set
Tatiana Moroz:  1 free mp3 down load of her new song  The Silk Road to everyone that donates to this campaign.
Kirk & Lyn Ulbricht:  Free Ross Tshirts and tote bags $30
Alex Winter:  Director of The Deep Web movie ( Sold out) signed BluRay copy of Deep Web the movie  1 unit $100
Joby Weeks: will donate $500 to for everyone that signs up for solar panels at elevate solar. inquire by leaving a message on this site.
Michael Cargill: at Central Texas Gun Works  Stun Guns sold out  $35 ea
Davi Barker:  Silk Road Green Camel Pin  7 units $10 ea
Adam Kokesh:  Free copy of the book FREEDOM and Sticker to all who donate. You can also bid on the upcoming Workshop staring bid $2500 Mar. 7th thru April 30 2016
Drew Phillips: from Bitcoin Not Bombs  any  Tshirt on the site 1 units $25 ea shipping is included.
Kristov Atlas: will give a complementary copy of his Ebook  Anonymous-Bitcoin to anyone who donates $10 or more. This book normally sells for $19.99
Dark Net Shoes: Black Silk Road Shoes with Green Camel  5 pairs size 9,10,11.5  $75 ea must see very cool.
 Tragedy and Hope dot com:  Blu-Ray DVDs of John Taylor Gatto  “The Ultimate History Lesson”  10 available at $50 ea
Bloctopus: Has donated Bitcoin themed Tshirts 3 units $20 ea check them out at

Visit, educate, donate:

                        Deep Web - The Movie
DEEP Web -The Movie: See full Movie Here:

More Info:

ABOUT the movie:

Deep Web gives the inside story of one of the the most important and riveting digital crime sagas of the century -- the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the convicted 30-year-old entrepreneur accused to be 'Dread Pirate Roberts,' creator and operator of online black market Silk Road. The film explores how the brightest minds and thought leaders behind the Deep Web are now caught in the crosshairs of the battle for control of a future inextricably linked to technology, with our digital rights hanging in the balance.
In addition to being the only film with exclusive access to the Ulbricht family, Deep Web features the core architects of the Deep Web; anarchistic cryptographers who developed the Deep Web’s tools for the military in the early 1990s; the dissident journalists and whistleblowers who immediately sought refuge in this seemingly secure environment; and the figures behind the rise of Silk Road, which combined the security of the Deep Web with the anonymity of cryptocurrency.


 From Till Krause  Illustrations: Barbara Yelin 
 Original story in german languge here:

At the end of May the son of Lyn Ulbricht was condemned in the USA to lifelong custody: Ross Ulbricht should have pursued the digital drug trafficking Silk Road. To understand the reproaches, Lyn Ulbricht deeply dug into the Internet - and landed in a morass from lies and fake murders.

On the 1st October, 2013 at 15.15 o'clock has
Ross Ulbricht, a lanky 29-year-old with brown locks, in one
Library in San Francisco taken a seat, his laptop opened
and to itself on the free Internet dialed in, as behind him a man and
a woman get in quarrel. The woman walk: » I have enough of you! «
When Ulbricht turns round, somebody tears from him the laptop from the hand.
Before he can defend himself, six visitors of the library press him
against a window and tie up him with handcuffs.
The Män-ner her official identity cards show library supervision: FBI. » This
if is an arrest, go please back to your work. «

Few hours later the phone rings with Lyn Ulbricht. A reporter wants to know what she says to the arrest of her son: of the head in request for many years of the on-line drug trafficking Silk Road which became with the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin the multimillionnaire and should have ordered about coded chats several murders.

Lyn Ulbricht, more than sixty years old, no Smartphone, no Facebook profile, does not understand from what this journalist talks. She hears only: Arrest, drugs, millionnaire and murder. Four concepts which have to do in her opinion nothing with her Ross can. She explains that her son is a very idealistic young man who has ever harmed nobody a little bit.

The mother of Ross Ulbricht is an elegant woman with big eyes and quiet voice. She has studied journalism, but this is long. Their money earns them as a render of holiday apartments in Costa Rica which she has renovated together with her man. From computers she understands just so much that she can look on the Internet for Bitcoin, Darknet and Silk Road. What she reads, the language nails up to her.

Silk Road was the most successful on-line marketplace for drugs. Traders offered there from heroin to LSD everything, customers could value the quality of the product like with Amazon. The side made sure that everybody remained anonymous there. To reach it was only about the Internet browser a gate which encodes the data parcels so reliably that he counts among hackers as nearly uncrackable. Silk Road went in the beginning of 2011 on-line, since then about 90,000 users were active there. More than a billion euros was moved all together, always in the digital currency Bitcoin which makes easier anonymous action. For dealers Silk Road was a dream: They could send the product by post to her customers, airtight packed, so that the drugs would be sniffed with routine controls not without other by dogs. The drugs often landed in the post office boxes which were rented under wrong name. Buyers and salesclerks knew nothing of each other, except her user's names. Per sales Silk Road took a commission from up to ten percent.

The state power was not only powerless for a long time, but also absolutely ignorant. The inhabitant of New York senator Chuck Schumer was one of the first, in summer, 2011, around half a year after the side had on-line gone which demanded closing Silk Road. He had got to know from the existence of the network from the media. However, how should one shut up the side if nobody knows who lies behind? It was the beginning of one of the most extensive inquiries which there had ever been on the Internet. FBI, drug search and home protection ministry attached her best people on Silk Road. The study group got the code name "Marco Polo".

Purpose of her inquiries: a user called "Dread Pirate Roberts", the boss of the Silk Road. It is more than only one Computer-Nerd with an unlawful commercial idea. Over and over again he has published the essays in which it is about free market economy in her most radical form: around a market which is defeated by no control. Who wants to buy drugs, that should just act, everybody can decide itself what he does with his body. The US government which has closed for many years under the catchword » Are on drugs « small dealer in the prison has itself there kindly rauszuhalten.

Lyn Ulbricht reads all that and thinks: And this Dread Pirate Roberts should be my son Ross? The physicist with master end of an élite university with gifted scholarship, the best marks, boy scout's education and passion for surfing and African drums? In her head circle the concepts Kryptowährung, gate chats, coded servers. Lyn Ulbricht feels as if her son had been arrested in a foreign land whose language she does not understand.

Thus she decides to learn this language. She buys books about informatics and Internet right and announces herself in computer conferences. The technical terms which she does not understand she writes on slip of paper and looks up them. » I have read night after night «, she says, » I was owned by the will to understand the case. I wanted to take my son not just as a mother in protection, because if I tell to everybody what is the nice boy my horse, nevertheless, nobody will take seriously me. «

Nobody in the family Ulbricht had annoyance with the justice. When Lyn Ulbricht wants to visit her son for the first time in the prison, she must fill dozens of forms, the treatment lasts weeks, one says to her on the phone. She packs her suitcase, goes to the prison and rings in the attendant's small house. The guards have compassion, the next day all forms are signed. She sees her son in handcuffs behind thick Perspex. Earlier girls on the street often did photos of him because he looked similar to the actor Robert Pattinson so. Now his eyes are murky, the skin paled. » I do not leave you in the sting «, says Lyn Ulbricht. Their son answers: » Do not believe everything what is maintained about me. «

However, is also clear: By the arrest in the library Ross Ulbricht with the user's name Dread Pirate Roberts was logged in with Silk Road. The quarrel of the pair shortly before his arrest was a staging to deflect him, for one second only. Thus the investigators could guarantee his opened laptop – he would have snapped shut him, the encoding which would have made the calculator for the police useless would automatically have been activated.

The public prosecutor's office publishes a 39-asided charge. In it is, beside the reproach of the drug trafficking and the computer deception, also from several order murder the speech. In a case it is about a Silk Road for employee who has put on one side supposedly Bitcoins to the value of several millions dollars and should have credited to his private account. First Dread Pirate Roberts wanted to let him with a racquet troop intimidate, then the Silk Road boss considered it differently. He chatted with a user called "Nob" who had offered as an assassin.

Dread Pirate Roberts (27.1.2013, 15:25 o'clock):Okay, can I change my judgment, from torture on death sentence? He was too long an insider, and I am afraid that he chats.

Nob (27.1.2013, 15:26 o'clock):
If you want it so.

Dread Pirate Roberts (27.1.2013, 15:26 o'clock):
Yes, I want. I have never killed somebody, but I believe, it is the right action in this case. What will it cost then?

Nob (27.1.2013, 15:27 o'clock):
Engulf would have cost 5,000 dollars. What a murder costs, I must arrange only with my colleague.

Nob (29.1.2013, 12:48 o'clock):
My colleague has announced himself. He wants 80,000 for the job. The victim lives in a narrowly farmed area, there it becomes heavy to walk in unnoticed and to let disappear the corpse.

Dread Pirate Roberts (29.1.2013, 12:49 o'clock):

Nob (29.1.2013, 12:49 o'clock):
You want that we get cracking? I suppose sometimes, you want to have done it fast.

Dread Pirate Roberts (29.1.2013, 12:49 o'clock):
Yes, it lets us do so.
US media rush in the case: A well-behaved, young man who is described by his friends as a peaceful hippie type builds up a confidential drug empire to give a lesson in the matter of free market economy to the state, and lets his enemies kill. Indeed, the FBI puts away that in the area of the supposed murder neither a corpse was found, nor a person was announced as missing, but now the label "murderer" sticks in Ross Ulbricht.

Lyn Ulbricht needs a lawyer. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a Non profit organization which exerts itself against Internet supervision and for digital civil rights brings them in contact with Joshua Dratel. He has represented Guantánamo prisoners and knows a lot about what is permitted on the Internet and what not. The lawyer renounces a part of his usual fee, Lyn Ulbricht cannot afford his help, nevertheless. Thus she agrees on payment by instalments and begins a Crowdfunding campaign with which she asks in the net for donations for her son. She writes a Blog in which she gathers all documents of the case and explains. After few weeks Lyn Ulbricht has collected more than 200,000 dollars of donations, for first enough.

Now the fight for her son determines the life of Lyn Ulbricht. She lets T-shirts with his face and the saying » to Free print of Ross «, travels through the USA and dispenses justice on congresses to data protection, and technology before hundreds of listeners. The famous technology conference SXSW invites them as a speaker, she holds there a blazing pleading for justice on the Internet. She says: » It is a matter for me not only of defending my son – separate about the fact that this process concerns everybody which pursues a website. « She asks: How can one prove who is hidden really behind a user's name? Why is the operator of a side responsible for what his users do there? Dread Pirate Roberts has never acted itself with drugs. » Nevertheless, a flea market operator also does not come to the prison if one of the exhibitors sells unlawful things. « The people listen to her: Finally, sometimes no Technik-Nerd which throws only with technical terms around itself.
The longer itself Lyn Ulbricht concerns with the case, the greater he becomes. To arrest horse, the investigators needed the data of the server of Silk Road: There was stored as the shops were unwound and who was responsible for the side. This server was encoded. Lyn Ulbricht has meanwhile contacts with hackers and computer experts in the whole world – and many are persuaded of them of the fact that the FBI must have hacked the server unauthorised to come to the data. » This is in such a way as if the police broke at night unnoticed in your house, copies all documents and then looks in rest for proofs «, says Lyn Ulbricht. » Thus dictatorships handle with her guarantors, but not the USA. « The FBI answers: The server has would been found with an ingenious, but legal trick and has been copied. The server was registered in Iceland, the FBI has got according to own information the data by a so-called Mutual Legally Assistance Treaty covered up, an agreement which makes easier the exchange of proofs. Lyn Ulbricht, the qualified journalist, investigates in documents of the foreign ministry – and ascertains: Such agreement between the USA and Iceland does not exist. She writes in her Blog: » The government lies. «

A superior strength from FBI and New York public prosecutor's office – and hundreds of sides from chat protocols with dealers stands on the other side: the data of the server whether legally procures or not. Also a diary is found on horse of Ulbricht calculator, with many entries to Silk Road. He writes: » Nobody knows in my sphere what I do. « The speech is from 180 million dollars in Bitcoins which Ross Ulbricht with Silk Road should have earned.

However, Lyn Ulbricht fights on. For them the case exists of two central issues. First: Is Ross Ulbricht guilty?  Secondly: Do authorities keep to rules and laws if they investigate on the Internet? To the debt question Lyn Ulbricht refers to many inconsistencies in the procedure and says: » I am his mother. Of course I do not believe that my son is a criminal. « Dear speaks they about the second point. She is persuaded that US investigators behave on the Internet like in the wild west: Only shoot, then ask. And this does her fear. Since in the USA many judgments are based on precedents. The process against Silk Road is the first big case in which everything plays on the Internet: the crimes, the prey, the witnesses, the proofs – everything only data. » If the public prosecutor's office brings my son with her questionably put together proofs behind grid, could run in future in all other cases similarly. «

When in January, 2015 in Manhattan the process is opened against her son, Lyn Ulbricht is confident: The order murders are no more a part of the accusation, the court seems to doubt the credibility of supposed assassin Nob. Before the courthouse net activists protest against the arrest of horse Ulbricht. Stands on her posters: » Web page operators are no criminals «.

It is a jury process, that is: The judge hears the witnesses, but whether Ross Ulbricht is spoken guilty, decide twelve jurors. These are juridical laymen who must be impartial. The court interprets in such a way: Who already had to act with Bitcoins or uses the browser to gate, is shy. The only juror who indicates to read news above all on-line is excluded from the jury. The people who judge about horse Ulbricht are often twice as old social worker, specialist or school adviser, than he. Almost everything explains not to use the Internet or barely. To the jury the technical bases are explained by experts of the government. Encoding on the Internet is shown as bad, by the logic: Who has to hide nothing, does not need to hide. Lyn Ulbricht has used more than one year to understand what a Bitcoin-Blockchain or a Linux-Kernel are. But she may not speak with the jury: She could influence the members. Besides, she would explain with pleasure that not everybody which uses the encoding software to gate is a criminal. Gate beginning of the millennium was developed with the help of the US government to give the possibility to dissidents in lands like China or Iran, to comment on the Internet without fear of pursuit.

The process begins with a sensation. Ross Ulbricht confesses that he has founded Silk Road – but not the only boss of the side was. He lets about his lawyer inform: Silk Road has been intended as a kind of experiment in the matter of ultraliberal market economy. A market with which nobody can interfere should be created by coded Internet connections and digital currency. However, when Silk Road has become a drug trading center, Ulbricht has handed over the side for a long time to another user who has likewise been called Dread Pirate Roberts. Ross Ulbricht presents itself as a scapegoat: The real informants would have persuaded him with tricks to log in still now and then with Silk Road to see according to the right. And thus he was on-line just exactly at the moment when in the library the handcuffs clicked. The defense holds against it: Ross Ulbricht is only responsible for Silk Road. Hundreds gigabytes of incriminating data have been found only on Ross Ulbricht´s  silver Samsung 700Z laptop, the commissions by drug sales are covered completely and to go back unambiguously on horse Ulbricht.

The jury speaks Ross Ulbricht on the 4th February, 2015 in all charges guilty. Now the judge some months of time has to decide, how long Ross Ulbricht must go in the prison – lifelong custody threatens him. Lyn Ulbricht writes on Twitter: » The process is over, the fight goes on.

How surely she has with it, comes to light some weeks later. There becomes public that the special force "Marco Polo", the Silk Road has brought to case, is involved in a corruption scandal. Several million dollars has suppressed with Silk Road several official in impounded Bitcoins because they thought that the digital currency be not able to be to traced back. How the policemen who thwart a monetary handing over take then, however, the suitcase with the lights with home. However, the theft flew up – and the authorities must admit: One of the accused policemen, a concealed investigator called Carl Mark Force, was behind the pseudonym Nob – to that supposed assassin who should kill a disloyal Silk Road employee for Dread Pirate Roberts. In truth investigator Force had stolen alias from Nob the money himself and had probably threaded the murder order to veil his theft. The ostensible victim, a bankrupt dealer from Utah, had been arrested by the investigator because of drug trafficking and had been made join in for the plan and simulate his death. Force had sent even photos alias Nob in Dread Pirate Roberts: In it lay of the apparently victims in a puddle from vomited, really it was a chicken soup from the box.

The judge already knew before the process about the inquiries against Carl Mark Force, however, it kept secret before the jury. Because the order murders were not a part of the accusation, it is not relevant whether the investigators were corrupt in this thing, explained the court. The fact that Ross Ulbricht is hidden behind the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts, is indisputable. At the end of May judge Katherine Forrest announces the sentence for horse Ulbricht: lifelong custody, without chance of untimely dismissal. In addition, he should pay back as a reparation everything to the government what should have earned Dread Pirate Roberts with drug trafficking in the net: more than 180 million dollars. Now Lyn Ulbricht wants to go to check because she believes that the government wants to set an example in her son: All the same how well itself somebody believes to hide in the net – the FBI finds him, even if for it possibly servers must be hacked or corrupt policemen be covered. For the end of the procedure the judge explained that horse Ulbricht has also got, so, the maximum penalty, so that possible imitators are deterred.

Four weeks after the arrest of Ross Ulbricht a new side called Silk Road 2 appears. With Bitcoins one can buy there drugs. Silk Road 2 promises a better protection of her private sphere to her customers. To companies becomes the side of a user who is called Dread Pirate Roberts.

(Photos: Andrea Mohin/NYT/Redux/laif; Amy E. Price/Getty Iamges for SXSW)

 Till Krause und Barbara Yelin 
The author and the illustrator have asked themselves at her work about Silk Road over and over again: When is this material filmed? And really: The Hollywood Studio Fox has protected itself the rights in this case. And because the actor Jared Leto was seen with the sentence announcement in the courtroom, he counts as a possible principal character.

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