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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Black Market Reloaded & Sheep Market Drugs – Complete step by step guide

Here is a complete step by step guide on how to find Black Market Reloaded drugs on the anonymous marketplace that is called the Black Market. I just want to make it clear again that this is only meant for educational purposes, I am only showing you how to get there and to be safe but I don’t recommend you buy or sell anything illegal, including drugs, as you can face criminal prosecution or harm your body. If you would like to be up to date with the latest news like big busts or just anything BMR related then just follow me on twitter via the “Follow” button on the right of the screen.
I have covered the reasoning to why I recommend certain tools and software in my previous articles so I won’t go into them in this post although I will have a link to them if you would like to know more about it. Please note that if looking for drugs then it is best to try to find the Black Market through your computer, it is not advisable to do so from your tablet or phone as they are a lot less secure. If you would like to see a full list of tools to help you be safer then click here to go to my tools page or use the menu at the top of the screen.
Just before i go into the full step by step guide i just want to offer this number to call if you or someone you know are taking too many drugs or drinking too much booze and you are not sure about how to stop. Give them a call and they may be able to help you get into a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. You should never feel ashamed to ask, just give them a call and get on the road to recovery.Call Now: 888-661-9160
How to get to The Black Market Reloaded:
  1. Subscribe to a VPN service, you can find one here at The Best Proxy Server. This will hide your IP address by giving it another one and encrypting all of your internet traffic so you can be anonymous when searching for or downloading anything on the net such as movies or buying drugs that may be illegal or get you into trouble with your work or even the law. This is even more a must these days since we have just found out that the NSA (National Security Agency) from the USA is monitoring ALL internet communications and you never know what they are doing with the information and who they are passing it onto. It will also prevent your identity or financial/personal details from being stolen when using any free wifi which is extremely easy. Another hidden bonus for all of you poor guys that live in the UK and are having your porn banned then you can just use this and bingo you have porn again! I can not stress enough how important it is to have a proxy/VPN service.
  2. Get a small USB/Flash drive to store your files on. This will ensure nothing is on your computer for people to find and get you in trouble and also prevent hackers stealing your Bitcoins. You can get one at many stores or click here to see this great little shopping site i  found called The Value House.
  3. When people Google  “Black Market download” they are really looking for a browser called Tor. Download Tor here This is the only browser you can use to find the anonymous Black Marketplace.
  4. Save the file onto your USB and open/extract the files.
  5. Download a password manager program such as RoboForm or KeePass to securely keep track of your usernames, passwords and addresses as you will always want to make them different every time and completely anonymous so it can’t trace back to you. RoboForm even lets you acces your password from you iphone and ipad.    >>> Click here to check out RoboForm <<<
  6. Go to www.findmyip and it will show you your IP address and location. Note it down then close the browser and turn on your proxy service and then open the browser and go to that same website to check your IP again. It should be completely different. This step is useful for many other things you may do on the net other that look for Black Market.
  7. Close down all documents and other browsers so if someone is hacking you they cannot see.
  8. For the people a little more paranoid, take a piece of non-transparent tape and cover your webcam lense. This will stop anyone seeing you if you are hacked by anyone including cops and hackers. More and more tech wise people are leaving them covered all of the time now.
  9. Open your file explorer and go to your USB and open the Tor folder and click on “Start Tor browser”. It may take a little while to start up, after a minute or so the Tor browser will open up automatically.
  10. Go to http://5onwnspjvuk7cwvk.onion/  in the Tor browser. This is the Black Market url. Entering this address into any other browser will not take you to the Black Market .
  11. Click on “click here to join” and enter in the details. Remember not to make your username or passphrase like anything you previously have so it cannot identify you. E.g. DO NOT PUT YOU EMAIL OR NAME. Record your user details in your Password management software.
  12. Choose a country if you like. It is better not to so you are more anonymous but if you do select a country it helps when filtering results in the Black Marketplace.
  13. Congratulations you are now looking in the Black Market and you will notice on your left had side there are many categories for all different types of drugs from cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, meth, acid, opiates and the list goes on!!!
  14. If you want to buy anything then read my post below on Bitcoins and how to set it all up as you can only pay this way.

So now you are in the market and you will be able to see a screen like this:

You can search with the search box up the top or browse by category. If you look at a product then you will usually see a photo of the product along with a description, shipping details, location (country), seller, and the most important feedback. You can see what people who have purchased the product say about it.

If you are are looking for drug test kits i have found a good little website called that has many different test kits available that can test for nearly any drug out there so you can make sure you peace of mind and don’t fail a drug test you have to take one.
If you would rather find ways to beat the drug tests then you might want to check out The Value House by clicking here. They have various kits available from Marijuana detox kits to mouth wash that will help you pass a saliva swab test (handy if pulled over driving) to even selling fake urine.
Beat a saliva drug test with this.
If you decide to purchase anything from the Black Market, including drugs, then I would suggest a couple of things to think of before hand to make it a little more secure.
  1. Don’t buy anything from anyone on the Black Market that doesn’t have any feedback. This is especially important when wanting to buy any drug as the reviews will most of the time be the best indicator of the quality of the drugs they are selling.
  2. Use an escrow service like BTCrow for your transaction of Bitcoins for everything. They will hold the Bitcoins until you receive the goods in the post (everything is posted when buying from the Black Market) and then you notify them you have received the good and they release the money. If you receive your order and then try to get your money back it will only result in everyone from your area getting black listed so don’t do it, and not to mention the person sending you your goods knows your address.  If the seller doesn’t want to use an escrow service then don’t deal with them.                                     >>> Click here to get an account with BTCrow <<<
  3. I would only buy from someone in the same country. If you start to buy things from another country, especially illegal drugs such as Cocaine, then there is a far greater chance of it not arriving due to many reasons such as quarantine, if illegal then may be intercepted by police etc. The last thing you want is to get into trouble.
  4.  If you are one of those people that are going to buy drugs on the Black Market then you should always be safe and test anything you buy with a test kit or something.
  5. You may need a good home drug test kit. They are fairly cheap these days and you can find a full range by clicking here at The Drug Centre.  Or pass a drug test by going here.
There is also a whole section on the Black Market for erotic goods for sale. This is one of the only sections where only LEGAL things are supposed to be sold which is great because the illegal stuff that i don’t even want to mention should not be allowed anywhere for sale. If you are a guy then you should do yourself a favor and check out this device called the Fleshlight, i found this the other week and was amazed! It is the best male pleasure device ever invented in my opinion. >>> Click here to see the Fleshlight <<<
If you are going to end up buying something off the Black Market then you are going to need to get a hold of Bitcoins. There are a few different ways of obtaining Bitcoins such as searching craigslist for someone selling them off other classified papers but they are not the safest so i will give a quick step by step guide how i buy Bitcoins, it is a bit of a process but it is well worth it.
  1. Open an account with by clicking here if you live in Europe or otherwise open an account with Liberty Reserve (Liberty Reserve shut down 5/28/2013) MtGox if you want to buy through an exchange. They both offer direct wire transfer of funds in and out of your accounts, is much more easy if you live in europe, if you live in the USA or the rest of the world then you might want to try Bitmit by clicking here. You can buy and sell Bitcoins, among other things, on a platform like eBay which is much more anonymous than an exchange. As Bitmit is relatively new there will be more and more Bitcoins go on as time goes on.
  2. Deposit money into your account.
  3. Most exchanges make you wait a period of up to 2 weeks from the first time time you link a bank account to your exchange account for verification purposes so as soon as you open then account then link an bank account to it and DONT buy any bit coins until the account has been verified. As the price of bitcoins is volatile you want to only buy when you are ready transfer them to your bitcoin wallet and ready to use them.
  4. Trade your money for Bitcoins.
  5. Send your Bitcoins to you Bitcoin wallet.
Always remember to be safe and secure when on the Black Market and treat others how you would like to be treated, it will make for a much better marketplace. If you enjoyed this post and think it is worthy of telling your friends then please share it on social media via the bar below.


Guide No. 2

The Ultimate Guide To Using Black Market: The Anonymous Online Drug Market


**Disclaimer: HighExistence does not officially advocate the usage of Black Market Reloaded ;) **

Welcome to Black Market Reloaded, the 21st century’s take on the black market. The idea of buying drugs from a website and having them shipped to your door is rarely met with optimism, but for the open-minded few, it is an amazing tool. The site can only be accessed through the anonymous “deep web” network and all purchases are made using the e-currency, Bitcoin. A discreet package will arrive in the mailbox in as little as 2 days without anyone the wiser. This concept is so radical that it begs many questions ranging from safety to “how do I actually use this thing?” Admittedly, the process can be a little tricky, and that is exactly why I’m spreading this knowledge. Get ready for a trek down Silk Road :)

The Internet’s Deep End

Unfortunately, it takes more than opening up Firefox and a quick Google search to access the Black Market. For the sake of maintaining anonymity, this marketplace can only be accessed through the internet’s version of a dark alley, the “deep web.” It isn’t indexed by Google, and it can only be reached using a program named Tor. Ironically, Tor was created by the Navy in an effort to keep their communications secure, but it has since been handed off to a non-profit. When using Tor, your IP address is never accurate, therefore keeping all activity completely private.
Tor Download Link
Extract the downloaded file and double click “Start Tor Browser.” That’s it! As of May 7th, 2013, the Black Market Reloaded URL is: http://5onwnspjvuk7cwvk.onion (it changes fairly often so just google ‘black market url’ if that URL is not working). Congrats — you are now on the dark side of the web.


A revolutionary new take on the common marketplace cannot simply rely on cash or credit cards. Instead, it uses an equally remarkable concept: the Bitcoin. Unlike the US Dollar, Bitcoins are completely decentralized with no governing body, and if used correctly, are completely anonymous. Just as credit card numbers work, Bitcoins are held in “Bitcoin Wallets,” which are identified by long strings of numbers and letters. The difference is, there is no identity connected to these numbers.
Bitcoins are traded on markets such as Mt Gox and Bitstamp. These are legitimate companies that operate in a similar fashion to stock markets, and can be reached through the normal internet. First, one needs to add funds to their account. For example’s sake, let’s use Mt. Gox. Remember, there is nothing wrong or illegal about Bitcoins, in fact, they can make a great investment. Because of this, feel comfortable listing your real credentials if a market asks for it at sign up. There are plenty of options for transferring money into an account, ranging from the quick and costly BitInstant, to the slow and cheap Dwolla (similar to PayPal.) Both of these options, and more, are explained within the Mt. Gox account, under “Add Funds.”
Continuing with our example, head over to BitInstant and follow the directions to depositing cash into the Mt. Gox account. The money will show up in the account within an hour, which is rather impressive. Go ahead and make an exchange on the market with your newly funded account. Boom, you now have Bitcoins!

The Not-So-Historical Trading Route

If you haven’t yet ventured out to Black Market Reloaded, do so now. You will be greeted with a login screen displaying a link at the bottom. Click it and create a brand new account. If all goes well, you will be face to face with the AMAZON of drugs. The front page is covered with all kinds of substances ranging from “innocent” cigarettes to the world’s most powerful psychedelics. Up at the top of the page there will be a link that says “Account.” Enter it and you will find a message instructing you to request a new Bitcoin wallet address. Click on the link and a fancy string of numbers and letters will appear on the resulting page.
If you are disappointed with the level of anonymity so far, don’t fret, this is where it gets good. Go over to Mt. Gox’s “Transfer Funds” tab. There will be an option available for transferring Bitcoins into another Bitcoin wallet. Go with this option, copy and paste the string provided by Black Market, and press submit. Within a day, there will something other than a set of zero’s next to your Black Market account. This is anonymous because this string of numbers and letters that Black Market has given you has no relevance. No one knows that it is a Black Market Bitcoin wallet address, so there is nothing that can be done. In the eyes of the law, you simply bought an e-currency, and then transferred it to another exchange or random Bitcoin wallet. Now feel free to peruse the sight with a newly stuffed wallet and limitless opportunities.

Safe Traveling

Placing orders on Black Market Reloaded is rather easy. The shopping cart is as simple as it comes, and there is a private message capability for easy communication. After placing an order, the status will say “processing.” This means the vendor is working on shipping the package. After this, the status will change to “In Transit.” Once the package is received, click on finalize to let the vendor know everything went smoothly. If the package never showed up, try to work it out with them using the private message function. If all else fails, file a complaint and request a refund. I know, this sounds way too legitimate to involve drugs, but rest assured, the Black Market isn’t too good to be true.
Below are a list of safety precautions that, if followed, will ensure smooth sailing.

1) Never Compromise the Bitcoin Address

This means placing a name and a Bitcoin wallet address together. As soon as an identity is attached to an address, the game is over. This is more than just a bunch of random characters, and it is important that this address is never tied to Black Market, and certainly not a person.

2) NeverRelease Payment

To ensure that no one gets scammed, the buyer is suppose to “release payment” once the package has arrived. Some vendors will encourage new buyers, who have no reputation, to “release payment.” This is done by simply pressing a button, but that is all it takes to forfeit the chance of filing a complaint and receiving a refund. Once a transaction is finalized, nothing can be done.

3) Always Look at Feedback

The feedback system is one of the most important parts of Black Market. This is what gives everyone the ability to trust one another. If a vendor has bad feedback, or none at all, opt out. The vendors can see buyer stats as well. These include total money spent on The BMR and the number of times a transaction has been left to “auto-finalize.” Meaning, the buyer didn’t file a complaint or finalize after 17 days. It’s proper etiquette to finalize once the package has come in, or file a complaint if it doesn’t, that way the vendor is not left hanging.

4) Use PGP Encryption

While optional, this is a great practice. The buyer needs to send the vendor their address when placing an order. This is encrypted by Silk Road, but the administrators of the site can still see it. To counter this, use PGP encryption to assure that no one besides the buyer and seller can encrypt the address. This concept is too lengthy for this post, but not overly complex. Learn more.

5) Use a New Bitcoin Wallet Address Every Time

The first time a Bitcoin transfer is made into a Black Market account, it is mandatory to request a Bitcoin wallet address; however, it is optional thereafter. To be on the safe side, request a new address every time. This goes back to the concept of protecting the Bitcoin wallet address.
It is important to remember that while Black Market is generally very safe, it is a process that should be handled with care.


Be safe, be smart, and never take this service for granted. I encourage everyone to explore their minds, and the world around them when the time is right. This is what I love about Black Market Reloaded ; it gives everyone the opportunity to have their own eye-opening, mind-blowing experience. Happy travels, psychonauts!

Get more information here:

Sources: DEA probes Silk Road, suspected online hub for illegal drugs

Still image frame of the website quot;Silk Roadquot;
Still image frame of the website "Silk Road" anonymous market place.
Silk Road, an online marketplace considered by authorities to be a hub of illegal Internet drug sales, is being used to purchase heroin, cocaine, opioid pills, LSD, Ecstasy and other drugs, according to law enforcement sources.
Authorities have been unable to track the location of the website's servers, the sources said, because Silk Road can only be accessed using encryption software called Tor, which hides computers' IP addresses and allows users to surf the Web anonymously.
Tech-savvy Long Island and New York City residents are using the site, which authorities estimate has facilitated more than $30 million in annual sales, the sources said. The site came online in February 2011.
These law enforcement sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the Drug Enforcement Administration and Department of Justice are investigating the site.
Drug war's new front
Silk Road's success has signaled the opening of a new front in the battle against illegal drugs, officials say, in which dealers and customers use technology to hide their identities and flout state and federal laws.
Among the drug buyers on Silk Road are computer users in Nassau and Suffolk counties, as well as Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, the sources said. The number of customers in the metropolitan area is unclear, because of the difficulty investigators have in tracking Silk Road orders to precise locations.
"Silk Road is a dangerous and destructive website that facilitates crime and poses a true danger to people across the country," said Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who has called on the federal government to shut down the site.
The DEA said officials are aware of Silk Road and are being "very proactive in keeping abreast" of the high-tech tools online drug sellers use to avoid detection.
Silk Road's customers sell drugs and other items to one another through the online marketplace and, like users of legitimate shopping sites, rate delivery performance as well as the quality of the products they buy, authorities say. Other illicit items are also available, including forged documents and untaxed cigarettes.
To make sure the money exchanged on Silk Road can't be traced back to customers, the site uses a digital, untraceable currency called Bitcoins, which are purchased anonymously online with real money. Drugs on the site are typically sold at a significant markup, sometimes costing twice as much as their street price.
After a purchase is made, sellers are instructed to ship drugs through the postal service in vacuum-sealed packs, while buyers are advised to have shipments mailed to post office boxes or locations other than their home. Upon delivery of the drugs, Bitcoins are transferred from buyer to seller via a secure escrow account on the site. Silk Road takes a commission of up to 10 percent on all sales.
A successful system
"So far, unfortunately, their system has been somewhat successful," said a federal law enforcement source involved in the investigation into the site. "Our goal is to make sure that doesn't continue to be the case."
Federal charges have yet to be brought against the site or its administrators, but another law enforcement source involved in the Silk Road probe said high-tech investigative methods used by the government are helping investigators build a case.
Those methods include encryption-cracking technology and the exploitation of security weaknesses in some encrypted email and instant message software used by Silk Road customers, the source said.
Efforts to find any known operator of Silk Road were unsuccessful.
Risks remain the same
Anti-drug activist Alex Rice, 38, formerly of Massapequa, said he routinely speaks to children about the dangers of the site. He said his son, Aaron, narrowly survived an overdose in 2011 from heroin he had purchased from a user on Silk Road.
"The risks posed by the drugs on this website are just as high as on the street, in terms of how quickly they can kill you or get you sent to jail," said Rice, who now lives in south Florida, where he talks to youth groups about avoiding drug use. "To gain all this knowledge of encryption and computers only to throw it away on buying and selling drugs online . . . I can't imagine more of a waste of knowledge."
"I hope it doesn't take someone dying to get it shut down," he said.
Suffolk Police Deputy Chief of Detectives Mark Griffiths said the department's cybercrime and drug investigators are keeping tabs on Silk Road, as well as other drug trafficking sites.
"We are actively monitoring it," Griffiths said. "We work with DEA and the U.S. postal inspector, and keep abreast of all the technological changes."
Nassau police declined to comment on the site and referred questions to the DEA.
Andrew Kratz, a corporate Web security consultant from Southampton, said Silk Road has "perfected" the anonymous online drug trade and will be "tough to take down."
"The people who run that site are very, very good at what they do," Kratz said. "But so is the Department of Justice."

LiteCoin Anonymous Marketplace Atlantis Goes Under After Just Six Months

The anonymity of virtual currency is one of its major attractions, and with anonymity of currency, rose a demand for anonymity of market place.
Deep web, anonymous marketplaces however, are increasingly proving to have limited longevity, as the US government cites them as outlets for the illicit marketing of illegal products and services.
Whilst Silk Road continues to generate $92,000 dollars per month in revenue, one of its alternatives, Atlantis, closed its virtual doors for the last time by issuing a notice  on its website yesterday, notifying users of its immediate closure, and intention to cease all business operations within one week, at which time, all crypto-currency which remains in its system will be removed by the site administrators and donated to charity.
During the course of this week, Atlantis is allowing all users to withdraw  virtual currency before operations are permanently closed, after which all unclaimed coins will be donated either to a drug-related charity, or any other charity of the site administrators’ selection.
The closure of Atlantis signals the end of what can only be described as a short existence for the service, which commenced operations on March 14 this year, when it declared itself as a read-across from Silk Road for Litecoin, to make its mark in the crypto-currency world, thus providing a similar service which backed it.